Choosing The Right Rental For Your Road Trip

Whether you’re planning a road trip on foreign soil or you simply want to go for a driving adventure without stressing your own car, then a rental car can be a fantastic choice. However, you shouldn’t simply pick the first rental car and rental service that appears to you. Here, we’re going to look at what you should consider when picking a rental, which sometimes goes beyond the car itself.

Choosing The Right Rental For Your Road Trip

Compare providers ahead of time

If you know that you’re going to be renting a car, then make sure that you have your choice of rental providers mapped out ahead of time. The mistake that you most want to avoid making is renting directly at the airport. You’re very likely to pay a premium for this service in order to have your car picked up and dropped off. Rentals situated at the airports tend to charge a premium simply because they’re a greater demand for them, too. It might cost you less to simply get a taxi to another nearby rental service.

Know your rental car needs

Just like any other dealer, don’t be surprised to find a rental car dealer trying to encourage you towards the more expensive choices on the menu. To make sure that you don’t get more car than you need, then you should have a good idea of your needs and wants ahead of time. If you’re heading for the city, you might need a more compact car, for instance. Keep in mind how many seats and what kind of storage space you might need as well, so you can choose a car that provides without needing any additional extras and their charges.

Make sure that you’re covered

Making sure that you’re appropriately insured for any accidents or collisions along the way can be crucial. You don’t want to make a bad situation worse. There’s a good chance that your own coverage will also apply to your vehicle in some way but you should also look at rental car insurance. Rather than buying the insurance that’s on offer at the rental service, however, you should save money by getting it from a third-party provider. Insurance is one of those extras that rental companies often tend to have a mark-up on to ensure that they’re profiting.

Make sure that you’re not late with it

It’s always important to understand the fine print of car rentals and the charges that can come with them. However, the most important is to know the period during which you’re renting the car. Often, 24-hour periods begin from the moment that you rent your car. Even being a little later in returning your car could see you getting hit with a fat charge and many rental companies aren’t willing to show much mercy to their customers.

A road trip can be an exciting experience and getting to drive a classy car for the occasion can make it even better. Just keep the tips above in mind to help things go along smoothly.

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