Clean Air Makes For Cleaner Homes


The Introduction

The safest and most comfortable place for most people is their homes. But, people overlook hygiene, and that creates breeding grounds for mold, dust, and dirt. 

In such circumstances, you became prey to the ‘sick building syndrome’ – where the safe-haven that is to keep you secure and healthy is the reason for all your health problems.

Dirty air duct stands as a primary contributing factor for increased allergies and breathing problems. So, the obvious question to ask is,

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

Air ducts in your home take the air around them and circulate it back into your home. Basically, air ducts function like the home’s lungs. But, if the air is filthy, then you have cause for concern. 

And, it air ducts do tend to get dirty if not cleaned at least once a year. Not only do air ducts accumulate much dirt, but they can also gather mold. Thus, the indoor air is known to be more polluted than outdoor air. 

Furthermore, the more polluted the air inside your house, the health concerns you are likely to face, such as allergies, asthma, headaches, and even dizziness. 

The surest way to be certain that your air ducts need cleaning is when there seems to be dampness in the air, or there is more dust gathering on the furniture. Also, if you feel that you’re allergies are getting worse, or you and your family are contracting sore throats.

So, if you do feel that you’ve spotted the culprit behind the swollen noses and red eyes, you need to take care of the problem promptly. And, that brings us to the next apparent question,

What Can I Do To Improve The Indoor Air Quality?

The remedy to the ailment is evident. If you know for sure that your air ducts are unclean, get them cleaned. On the other hand, if the HVAC unit is old, then it’s a better idea to get new air conditioning units installed. 

Moreover, remember to replace the filters of the HVAC as recommended by the company. And, do turn off the air conditioning unit every once in a while. Keeping the windows open allows fresh, clean air to circulate in your house from outside.

It also helps if you have frequent vacuuming of the carpets or have wooden flooring in your home. And, take your shoes off before entering the house so that you don’t bring in the outdoor allergens.

Keeping pets indoors can also make matters worse if you do have allergy problems, especially if the HVAC is grimy. So, keep in mind to give particular importance to cleanliness and hygiene if you want to be safe and to keep your loved ones healthy.

In Conclusion

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Hence, going for spring cleaning is a good idea, especially if you have little ones in the house. And, if you are aiming to be thorough about hygiene in your home, then do not forget to have the air ducts cleaned up, at least once each year.

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