Clean, Safe and Green Living: 10 Changes To Make To Your Home Now

It is scary to think that the very home that you live in could be hazardous to you and your family, preventing you from green living. Whether you need to update your security features or waterproof your home ready for the winter, there will always be a practical feature you need to change. Your home should feel like a safe and secure place for you and your family to live peacefully, so it’s time to make a few changes right now. Transform your way of living and create a cleaner, safer and greener home using some of the following ideas below. Most of them won’t take up much time or money, so you should definitely explore your options and see how you can improve your home right now.

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Green Living Tips:


The first thing you should think about doing is getting your home ready for winter and colder weather by waterproofing it professionally. Visit this website for more information on a basement waterproofing system, that will remove water 70% faster than other methods of drainage. Similarly, you might also need a moisture barrier to add a more finished and refined look to any room you might have had waterproofing work on.

2. Insulation

Another way you prepare your home for the winter is by investing in better insulation methods. Whether you want to put your home through rigorous insulation methods deep in your walls or you want to explore the small and simple options available to you. You could invest in draft blockers for your windows and doors, so that unwanted air from the outside world can’t make its way into your cozy home. This is a very inexpensive way to keep the rooms in your home warm and toasty at all times.

3. Energy Saving

Green living also includes saving energy. This is a hot topic at the moment and it seems households all over the world are now doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Invest in energy saving light bulbs that will keep your monthly bills down. Similarly, you could take a closer look at your home and see if you are wasting too much electricity. Keeping electrical items plugged in overnight can be skyrocketing your energy bills as well as affecting the environment; if you don’t need it, unplug it.

4. Water Usage

So many households are wasting thousands of gallons of water on a daily basis, simply because they aren’t thinking about the impact of their day to day habits. When you are brushing your teeth everyday you should always turn off the running water, so you aren’t wasting it. Also, why not invest in a shower timer than ensures you aren’t spending too long in the bathroom every morning? These small but effective changes can really help to reduce your household water consumption so get your whole family on board about green living.

5. Freshly Grown

Growing your own vegetables and herbs will help you and your family embrace green living altogether. The food that you eat can have a huge impact on your overall health and well-being, so the fresher the better. You can add fresh herbs and spices to your winter soups, curries and casseroles knowing that they have come from your very own backyard.

When you grow your own food it can make a hugely positive impact on the environment, so you are certainly making a huge difference.

Mini Farming – Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

6. Cleaning Products

When you give your home a deep clean, you might not realize it but you could be spraying harmful toxins into the air. You don’t want your family to be breathing in these harmful fumes so carefully consider the products that you are using in your family home.

Why not make your own cleaning products out of the organic ingredients in your own pantry? Lemon juice and white wine vinegar are both brilliant surface cleaners, so try them out for yourself.

7. Windows and Doors

If you haven’t checked your windows and doors for their safety features recently then now would be the perfect time to do it. Make sure all of your windows are properly locked when you leave the house and they aren’t accessible to anybody from the outside. You might also want to consider a double locking system with your doors too so you know that your family are always safe and secure.

8. Alarms and Alerts

When was the last time you checked your fire alarm? This needs to be tested on a monthly basis so that you know the batteries haven’t run out and it can still carry out its job. Similarly, carbon monoxide alarms can protect your family from fatal poisoning; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

9. Lights

You might think living lights off as much as possible is part of green living. But, when you leave the house do you ever think about leaving a light on to deter trespassers or burglars? Keeping your house safe when you are out is very important so consider using a light on a timer in the evenings. When a home has a light on, it is much less likely to be intruded.

10. Neighbors

If you haven’t already, it might be the perfect time to get to know your neighbors. If you go on holiday they can always keep an eye on the house for you and it’s always good to know that your children are in safe hands if you ever need your neighbors to watch them for a few minutes. Getting to know the people who live next door to you will always make you feel safer in your home.

Instead of wishing your home was a safer environment, why not create it for yourself? You can create healthier cleaning products, eat fresher foods and feel much safer in your own home. There are many different safety features you can improve throughout your home, some of which you might never have thought about.

Waterproofing, insulating and securing all windows and doors will bring you one step closer to complete safety and healthier living. Make these small changes today; you will save money in the long run and feel more content in the environment you are living in.

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