Clear Signs Your Air Conditioner Requires a Repair

Clear Signs Your Air Conditioner Requires a Repair

Tired of regularly dealing with your air conditioner (AC) issues? If your air conditioner is troubling you a bit more than it should, maybe it requires a repair.

Take a look at these common symptoms that indicate your AC needs a checkup. If you find some of these signs relatable to the condition of your AC, it is better to call a technician to repair it.

Your House Isn’t Cooling Down

One of the most common issues with air conditioners is that they don’t do their job of cooling the home properly at times. According to this site, the main cause behind this problem is a clogged or dirty air filter.

However, cleaning the air filter of an air conditioner is not a job to be done by oneself if they aren’t experts. You should call a technician to clean the air filter of the AC and check the overall system.

AC is Blowing Warm Air than Cool Air

The function of an air conditioner is to collect air from the outer environment, conditioning it to become cool, and releasing it to the home air.

However, if your AC seems to release warm air instead of cool in hot summer, your AC isn’t doing its cooling function properly. Therefore, you must contact an air conditioner expert to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Thermostat Isn’t Functioning Properly

The job of the thermostat of an air conditioner is to maintain the temperature of the house or a room as per the requirement of the weather. A thermostat impacts your home’s comfort by adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level.

When there is a malfunction in the thermostat, the AC seems to maintain the same temperature in all types of weather and doesn’t adjust it with the change of the weather.

Too Old Air Conditioner

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 years. But many people choose to use the same air conditioner for even more than 15 years. It is possible to maintain your AC’s health for such a long period when you know how to effectively prolong the life of your HVAC system.

However, very few people are capable of maintaining it for such a long time. Thus, your air conditioner starts working less efficiently than before. It is better to contact a technician and perform an overall checkup if your AC is too old.

Making Strange Noises or Vibrations

At times, due to different internal system malfunctions, the AC starts to make weird noises while running. Many old models of AC are noisy from the very beginning.

But if your AC has suddenly started to make strange noises like vibrating, grinding, squealing, or grating, there must be some internal issues that are creating the noise. Hence, you should consult with a technician about this issue.

Foul Odor When the AC is Turned On

Several times, people complain about getting a bad smell from the AC whenever it’s turned on. The reason behind this can be a leakage of a harmful or fetid chemical from the HVAC system.

You must repair this issue with the help of an expert as soon as possible because it will not only be harmful to your AC but your health as well.

Your AC Doesn’t Turn On

If your AC doesn’t turn on at all, even after a lot of trying, first, you must check whether the battery of your controller is down or if there are any other issues with it. If your controller seems fine to you, the only option would be to call a technician to solve this problem.

Your AC Doesn’t Turn Off

Sometimes, people face issues in turning off the AC after running it for a long time at a stretch. If the issue is not with the controller of the AC, in this case, too, you’ll have to call a technician to help you out.

AC Keeps Turning On and Off Automatically

This is a common issue faced by most people using an old air conditioner. The AC keeps turning on and off automatically within short periods. This generally happens when the fuel of the HVAC system runs out. If you notice such signs in your AC, you must call a technician.

Poor or Non-Existent Air Flow

This is a confusing issue that will put you into a dilemma of whether to call a technician or not. In this case, your AC will take a comparatively longer time to cool down the temperature of your room but will not produce enough airflow from it. This condition must be treated.

Periodical Changes in Airflow

Again, in many cases, the airflow of the AC isn’t consistent. The air conditioner bears good airflow for some time, and then it automatically changes its flow of air. This isn’t normal and should be checked by an expert.

Uneven Cooling

If your AC is not cooling all the area of the house directly exposed to it properly as it did before, there must be a malfunction. The HVAC system ensures that all the cool air from the AC is evenly distributed to all the areas directly exposed to it.

But if some areas of your room seem cooler than the others, there must be an issue with the system that requires fixing.

Poor AC Ventilation

The ventilation system of the air conditioner resists the entry and deposition of dust particles from the outside environment to the house.

However, a faulty ventilation system will cause more accumulation of dust in the house due to the inability of the AC to filtrate the conditioned air properly.

High Indoor Humidity

One of the key functions of the AC includes resisting moisture build-up. The AC keeps the environment of a house dry and fresh. But if the house feels moist and damp after turning on the AC, there might be some malfunction.

Leaking Water or Refrigerant

This is one of the most common problems with air conditioners that usually take place when the house or the room is not properly confined. The AC replaces the air of a particular area and makes it cool.

However, if you don’t specify the area by confining it, it harms the HVAC system, causing problems like leaking water or refrigerant, which requires a technician to fix.

High or Rising Electric Bills

You might be shocked to see this point in this list, but it’s true. A faulty air conditioner can make your electric bills rise high because many internal issues of the AC make it drag more electricity than usual. So, check on that as well.

Final Words

We hope you were able to identify the issues in your air conditioner that requires fixing. Make sure you treat it as soon as possible by an expert so that the problem doesn’t increase, damaging the whole system.

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