Climate Controlled Storage Is Awesome! Here’s Why

Planning a move can be quite hard. Whether you are moving houses or your office is relocating, the stress of it all can be overwhelming.

And one of the most important decisions you will make before your move is which items to keep. This decision can add a lot of pressure to an already stressful time. But the good news is that you do not have to bin everything before you move. If you cannot decide whether to take your vintage vinyl collection or family heirlooms to the new place, we have got a workable solution for you. Consider renting a storage space for such items. Such units are great as temporary storage places for delicate items that require expert care during a move. Or for things that you’re not willing to give away yet while decluttering. Rental storage spaces are amazing because they can really store quite A LOT! You name a thing and they can store it; you can even look out for rv storage Mobile AL facilities where you can store your boat and no worrying about its safety.

However, there are two types of self-storage units you can choose from. You can store your things either in a conventional unit or a climate-controlled unit. For obvious reasons, we recommend a climate-controlled unit. Here’s why.

What Are Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

As the name suggests, climate-controlled storage maintains a constant temperature all year round. They are either heated or have air conditioning, depending on the climate of the location. Most units maintain temperatures between 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So, come hail or shine, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe in a weatherproof environment.

Why Would You Want Climate-Controlled Storage?

Simple! They’re AWESOME, and they have many benefits. Here are a few.

Regulation Of Temperature:

You have recently moved to Leesburg in Florida and brought your grandfather’s antique room divider with you. But the apartment you rented does not have a lot of space. Naturally, you want to store the precious heirloom in a safe place. But not any storage unit would do for such an invaluable piece. Since moisture is incredibly damaging to wooden furniture, storing things without climate control can cost you thousands in damages. So, you look for Leesburg self storage units with climate control to be on the safe side. This way, your belongings will always be protected from harsh weather conditions.

Cleaner air:

Air quality can easily damage your items in a self storage unit, especially if it is not filtered or temperature controlled. For one, climate-controlled storage has better quality air than other units. These facilities continuously monitor air quality and circulate purified air to avoid staleness and dampness. This is essential for storing things like books, wooden furniture, and electronics. Cleaner air will also minimize the amount of dust that accumulates over time in the cell. You won’t have to make regular trips to the unit to air things out and remove dust.

Free Of Pests:

Inadequately stored items can be vulnerable to pests and rodents. During colder seasons, small rodents like mice try to nest inside buildings. They find ways to enter the storage facility, and once they are inside, they hide out in old furniture or clothing. And trust us, you do not want a mouse making a permanent home amidst your belongings. Weather-controlled storage units tend to be hermetically sealed and thus are a better long-term solution to keeping your stuff free from unwanted pests and infestations.

Peace Of Mind:

Money cannot buy everything, but sometimes an extra few dollars sure can buy you some peace of mind! Knowing that your belongings are safe in a climate-controlled storage unit will give you a feeling of relief. This holds, especially if you’re living in states most at risk of flooding or some extreme climatic condition.

Now that we know the benefits of getting a climate-controlled unit over one that doesn’t come with this perk let’s consider the costs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Self Storage Facility

So How Much Does Climate-Controlled Storage Cost?

Clime-controlled units generally cost up to 25% more than conventional storage units. This may sound like a lot, but given the amenities you get in exchange for the additional money, it’s worth it. What’s important is that your belongings are safe. Not opting for one could eventually cost you more in the unfortunate event of damage.

What Items Need Climate Control?

If you want to store any of the items listed below, you should opt for climate-controlled storage.

  1. Fur
  2. Electronic equipment
  3. Paintings
  4. Photographs or films
  5. Antiques and heirlooms
  6. Important documents and books
  7. Wooden and leather furniture


Why d we store things? Because sometimes, we don’t need them right away, and sometimes they hold too much emotional value to be discarded. And sometimes, we’re just hoarders! Keeping things and storing them is part of human nature. If we’re going to hold on to something, we should take steps to ensure its longevity. And climate-controlled storage units are the best option for that!

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