Common Plants That Add Appeal To Your Backyard

Common Plants That Add Appeal To Your Backyard

Gardening is both a huge responsibility and productive activity. Before setting your mind, create a plan – space availability, landscaping supplies, environmental awareness, and the basic knowledge about gardening. It will be a fantastic gardening experience once you know your target and work towards achieving it.

Home gardening plants can be presented in different ways – raised garden, using vases or pots, containers, tires, grow tents, and vertical gardens. Therefore, the practice can accommodate a wide variety of plants. Landscaping is equally crucial in supplementing the growth of garden plants. Each flower, grass, or herb requires that you meet certain specific conditions. Read on to learn how to plant succulent cuttings and expand your collection.


  • Sunflower – Grows mostly in yellow and brown colours and thrives best in full sun and most types of soil. Sunflowers can grow up to 16 ft and attract bees, birds, and butterflies.
  • Morning glories – They come in shades of white, purple, pink, red, and blue. They attract birds and can quickly grow out of self-sowing and moderately fertile and well-drained soil. However, they are highly poisonous if ingested.
  • Daffodils – These are typically yellow, orange, and white and can grow in both full and partial sun. Also, they thrive in well-drained soil and can accommodate other flowers within it.
  • Daylilies – These come in shades of yellow, red, pink, purple, and melon. They flourish well in full sun, well-drained soil and are tolerant of heat and humidity. They are highly resistant to pests.
  • Marigolds – Usually, they exist in yellow, red, and gold colours and prefer well-drained soil since they grow well in dry or sandy gardens. They germinate quickly from seeds and usually bow in full sun. They are mosquito repellent which can be of significant aid in mosquito-infested areas.
  • Grass

  • Fountain grass – Fountain grass grows in full or partial sun to bring out burgundy-red leaves, burgundy-purple flowers, and bottlebrush-like spikes. In well-drained soil, the grass can grow up to 5ft tall and 4 ft wide.
  • Hakone grass – Hakone grass is a long-lived, tough, ornamental grass that is well-loved for its foliage growth. It displays shades of white and light green that camouflage well in a home garden. Unlike other grass, it is multi-season grass.
  • Muhlenbergia – They have delicate plumes for flowers that create a striking pink haze above the dark green, glossy foliage. They grow in averagely well-drained soil with a savannah-like environment.
  • Herbs

  • Lavender – Most exist in shades of purple and lavender while some are white and pink. They grow best when the sun is full and usually attract bees and butterflies. The lavender naturally acts as a mosquito repellent.
  • Aloe Vera – It’s translucent-gold in colour, and a highly sensitive herb that grows under an adequately maintained drainage system. The Aloe Vera is famously known for its skincare solutions.

Common Plants That Add Appeal To Your Backyard

Essential Gardening Tools

  • Protection Gear

The protective gear is the first in line because body defence is essential before heading to the garden and it mainly comprises of gloves, an apron, and gumboots. These offer protection from plants containing thorns, dirt on yourself from the soil, mulch or sand, and protection from nasty stinging insects like bees that may be looking for nectar.

  • Multi-Purpose Hoe Rake

The multi-purpose hoe rake consists of a hoe and a rake attached on both sides of the same side of the stick. This combination is handy for penetration through hard and soft surfaces. It also facilitates weeding and even distribution of the soil.

  • Wheelbarrow or Gardening Cart

A wheelbarrow is an essential tool for gardens. It often assists with the heavy lifting of sand, manure, and garden supply in more extensive gardens. You can improvise troughs or basins to aid in the medium lifting for small gardens.

  • Secateurs

The process of pruning is essential during gardening for cutting branches and plant edges. It boosts the growth of strong stems and gets rid of damaged for infected parts. Depending on the size of plants within your home garden, you can pick the size of secateurs that suits the targeted plant.

  • Spade

It’s made from stainless steel, which makes it very strong and one of the most vital tools in gardening. It has a wide range of purposes- skimming, digging, edging lawns and beds slicing, lifting sod, and opening to trenches.

  • Hoses and Irrigation

They say water is life. As such, it provides much-needed nutrients and air to your plants by watering their roots. Hoses and irrigation effectively dispense water around your garden using the water systems set up around it. Small gardens may make use of other dispense methods.

Benefits of Home Gardening

  • Mindfulness engagement – Gardening is a form of therapy that fully involves the mind into the present.
  • Creates a sense of responsibility – Gardening also requires the full responsibility of keeping the plants alive. Therefore, it creates a routine that is good for your body and mind to stay busy while at the same time working out.
  • Home improvement – Home gardening makes use of the space available in homes and improves the home’s appearance.

Bottom Line

Plants aren’t only environmentally beneficial, but they also add to the aesthetic beauty of the place. You may use this article as a guide for planting visually and aesthetically beautiful plants in your backyard. Happy Gardening!

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