Compare Bathroom Partition Pricing and Materials that will Suit Your Partitioning Needs

When you are operating a public bathroom, or you want your home to have a common bathroom that a lot of people can use at the same time, then having it partitioned and convert the whole bathroom into cubicles may be a good idea. So, if you are thinking about doing this, the first thing that pops to mind is how much is the bathroom partition pricing is going to be. 

Having the bathroom partitioned will provide privacy to many users because this will act as some sort of barrier for the people inside the bathroom. And of course, with every project, the cost is the most important like getting a partition that is made out of quality materials but is still reasonably priced. 

When it comes to the installation of the partitions to the bathroom, this has been a constant concern that is being raised to owners especially to those who own various buildings, because, they should be able to provide proper bathroom facilities to its tenants. So, since the area will be used frequently and by a number of people, it is important that you invested your money in the right place. 

Five Kinds of Bathroom Partitions and its Bathroom Partition Pricing

Here are five kinds of bathroom partitions that you may want to consider, including its pricing range. 

1. The Powder-coated Bathroom Partitions

This type of partition is made out of galvanized zinc-coated material. This is made by molding the steel into panels, and then such steels are polished, and then it is being coated with a high-performing powder coating. The produced steel partitions from this process are thin and light which means that this type of bathroom partition is really easy to setup. 

This partition is often used for small businesses, and also a wide choice for churches and some restaurants. With the powder-coated bathroom partition, minor damages and scratches are easily repaired. The materials being used are also capable to withstand dire and rust. If you plan to choose this type of partition, the price is usually pegged at $315 for each stall. 

2. The Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions

This partition is made out of highly customizable material, and this is also cost-effective. And since this type of partition is highly customizable, you can choose as many designs as you want. However, one setback for this type of partition is that this is not suitable if you are using in environments with high humidity. This has also a high tolerance form scratch and impact and has a Class B fireproof classification. If you plan to use this type of material, the price usually starts at $400 for each stall.

3. The Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions

This type of partition is the most economically friendly among the other types of partition. This partition is also built to last. The materials that are being used in this type of partition can also fit well in buildings especially if the buildings are accommodating large numbers of people every single day. Because this type of partition is designed to last, this type of partition has the ability to withstand heavy daily usage. This type of partition also works well in any type of conditions. This type of partition is not also going to need touch-ups when cleaning. If you are planning to use this type of partition, the price is usually pegged at $475 per stall.

 4. The Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

With this type of partition, it can be best used as walls for a bathroom partition. If scratches will occur, you can also easily remedy this and have it patched out in order to create a decent shine on the material. The Stainless steel bathroom partitions are also robust and can withstand rust even when used in a very humid condition. This type of partition is also not easily removable and is not flammable. 

The stainless steel bathroom partitions can withstand most of the heavy-duty and those industrial-duty chemical cleaners thereby ensuring to it that the air is going to stay clean. This type of material for bathroom partition is great to use for high-traffic places. If you choose this type of bathroom partition, the price for this one usually starts at $600 for each stall. 

5. The Phenolic Bathroom Partitions

This type of partition is equipped with matte-finished acrylic laminate. This partition also has strong panels and can be decorative thus giving this partition a more aesthetic appeal when installed in the bathroom. The Phenolic bathroom partitions are also easy to maintain and are also very flexible. This type of partition also has a class B fire rating. They can be easily built and the price for this type of partition is usually pegged from $650 for each space. 

 Whether the materials that are bought and used in a commercial bathroom are high-quality or not, the equipment that is going to be used on installing the partition is already included in the price of the frame. So, this makes it easier to configure, thus, can be easily mounted by a handyman or a carpenter. 

Some Examples of Installing a Bathroom Partition

A. The Overhead Brace Partition

This one is a standard feature when it comes to public toilets. So, this type is usually built in almost every room because it is not requiring any advanced floor construction. This partition is also offered with a wide array of choices for its material from laminate to stainless steel, whichever you prefer. Except for the stainless steel material, you can also choose colors or designs which you will want to use as a theme for your bathroom. 

B. The Floor Mounted Partition

This type of installation is best for elevated or those that have a significantly low ceiling and cannot support a ceiling that is hanging or a floor-to-ceiling type of partition mounting system. This type of partitioning should also be securely installed in a firm base like concrete. 

C. The Ceiling Hung Partition

This type is the opposite of the floor-based partition. This is because the ceiling-hung partitions are those that are based on the bathroom wall and ceiling. This type of mounting system, this is going to require careful construction that is made out of metal sheets for ceiling support. This is the best way to install a bathroom partition for powder-coated materials or stainless steel.  

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