Consumption Of Chocolates – The Most Popular Chocolate Types


Consumption Of Chocolates - The Most Popular Chocolate Types

Chocolate has become an important part of our diet. Everyone wants a sweet treat after a meal. The chocolate flavor is in most demand in different kinds of desserts such as cakes, puddings, and mousse. They are also served on western holidays.

The chocolate industry has been growing significantly thanks to the rising demand for these. Most of the cocoa comes from West African countries such as Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

Chocolates are available in 4 types. They are used for different purposes. They are different in taste and provide different nutritional values.



Over half of the chocolates sold around the world are milk chocolates. Milk Chocolate is found in solid bars. It consists of cacao solids, milk, and sugar. The composition of these ingredients varies from brand to brand and region to region.

The calorie count of a milk bar is high. These are touted to have significant health benefits because the cocoa butter in them has antioxidant properties.

Some brands add palm oil or vegetable oil in their chocolates so Milk chocolate is considered as an inferior type compared to Dark Chocolate. The cost of cocoa butter drives the company to add other ingredients.


Making white chocolate is an art. It is made from cocoa butter and does not contain cocoa solids so its color is ivory white. Other ingredients include sugar and milk solids.

It has a soft texture because it contains milk solids. The use of artificial colorings is banned by food authorities around the world.

It also has a high-calorie count because almost half of it is made up of artificial sweeteners. This chocolate also contains traces of stimulants such as caffeine in it because most of these stimulants are in cocoa solids.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate does not contain any milk in it and it is entirely made from cocoa solids and cocoa butter. It has a lower quantity of sugar as compared to other chocolate types so it is considered a healthier option. Dark chocolate is also more likely to be vegan due to the lack of milk; if you’re looking for vegan chocolate snacks, check out mid-day squares.

The texture of quality dark chocolate is coarse and you will not find it to be smooth. Its taste is bitter and even a bar of sweetened dark chocolate might not satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dark Chocolate contains compounds called flavanols. These help to maintain a healthy heart rate and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.


It is the unadulterated version of chocolate. At a minimum, it contains 75% of cacao. It is made by grounding and roasting the cocoa beans which form a rich chocolate liquor. This liquor is then solidified in the shape of bars.

This is raw chocolate and it is used in baking or in other products in which other ingredients are added.


It can be a craving for something sweet or even as a snack, you do not need a reason to have chocolate. Consuming chocolate can uplift your mood. They also provide instant energy boosts to you.

In short, you should keep eating chocolates and you can buy chocolate gift hampers for your friends and family. Check Midday Squares for best-tasting chocolates.

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