Cool Outdoor Aquarium Ideas

Cool Outdoor Aquarium Ideas

An aquarium in your backyard – now there’s an idea that you might not think of every day but you’re intrigued now and thinking, yeah that could actually work. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of the unexpected to your backyard while increasing the ambiance of the space. It’s been well touted how aquariums are relaxing, soothing, and can even reduce blood pressure and stress due to its gently rippling water. The shimmering lights of the sun reflecting off the water and the scales of the fish inhabitants will look like something out of a movie.

If you are going to look into putting a fish tank in your backyard or even in another outdoor location, this doesn’t mean that you just literally put an aquarium on your back porch and walk away. This type of aquarium will require a certain type of fish to live in the outdoor elements, precautions will have to be taken to weatherize the aquarium, and you also have to get creative with the décor.

That is where the following cool outdoor aquarium ideas can open up your horizons when it comes to decorating your outdoor living spaces with an aquarium!

Refurbish and Restore

One common and very cool outdoor aquarium idea that has been sweeping DIY websites has been the transformation of older furniture that is destined for the landfill into a stunning outdoor aquarium.

Imagine an older box-style television that has been repurposed into an outdoor aquarium and casually placed on your back deck. The trick is to have the glass screen as the window into the aquarium! Place rocks, sunken treasure chests, and even plant life into the base of the television, install your water and lighting system into the back box and panels, then introduce the fish to their new home!

Another cool idea is the use of an older style bathtub (especially if you can find a claw-footed one) to be used as an aquarium. Get a piece of Plexiglas cut to the shape and size of the bathtub, use a non-toxic and waterproof adhesive to put into place, and install the water/lighting system in the base of the tub. Guests to your backyard will wonder what an old tub is doing on your lawn but when they walk up, they will be pleasantly surprised and pleasantly jealous of your creativity.

Get Stone Crazy

Use bricks, patio stones, and more to transform an ordinary section of your yard into a natural aquarium. Build up different levels of bricks or stones to your desired height and then cascade downwards towards the ground. At the base of this design, have a fish pond or pool that is cased in (to prevent any fish from escaping) for the fish. You can use a water filtration system that also moves the water and the fish from the pond to the top of the stone structure.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to sit out in the sun with a cold drink and watch your fish swim from one end of their run to the other. Pure bliss!

Tricks and Tips

If you plan to install an outdoor aquarium, try to ensure or do the following:

  • Have enough caves, rocks, and plant life for your fish to hide in the case of a larger predator to the pond (think wildlife – raccoons, stray cats, etc.). You might also want to look into the installation of a heavy plastic or tempered glass cover for the times you are not around the aquarium.
  • Introduce fish that are in their element outdoors as well as in a tank to the aquarium. You also want to make sure the fish you choose are happy in a community and not predatory if you plan to use more than one species.
  • Ensure that the weather conditions will allow for an outdoor aquarium. Certain and most fish need a particular water temperature for a healthy life and if this isn’t an option, you might need to install a heating system within the aquarium.
  • Always have a water filtration system installed to prevent outdoor contaminants from harming the fish or making them ill. Check out these canister filter reviews to learn more.


An outdoor aquarium doesn’t have to be boring or uninspired but instead it can be an extension of your creative side and showcase your love of nature by placing these marine creatures in their outdoor element.

Use this project to offset the stunning natural beauty of your backyard and you can also enlist the help of your children to maintain the aquarium. Having an aquarium is an excellent way to slowly teach children responsibility by assigning them the cleaning of the aquarium, the feeding of the fish, and if the lighting system has to be manually turned on and off? Then give them that chore as well. Check out The Aquarium Guide to know more about how to maintain and take care of your aquarium.

Not sure what is the best fish to have in your outdoor aquarium? Curious about what type of food is best for their diet? Then consult the experts and visit your local pet store.

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