Corporate Gifting: Gift for Clients, Employees, and Business Partners


From chocolates wrapped in edible gold and exclusive utility products to custom-made corporate gifts, recent years have seen remarkable growth in the space of corporate gifting. As the ‘gifting game’ of the corporate world is evolving, so are the ‘out-of-the-box solutions’ offered by brands in the business.

While over a decade ago, Christmas meant the time for an annual pay bonus and a bottle of champagne for many; in recent years, the gifting trend at the corporate level has become far more complex than on the personal level. This clear shift from traditional gifts to much-customized ones indicates that one wrong move, and you might ruin your relationship with your clients, business partners, or your employees.

This increasing demand for customized gifts has helped establish gifting as a flourishing business in itself over the years. In fact, every holiday season, the corporate segment witnesses a remarkable increase in the number of gifting providers and gifting solutions.

To stay updated with the corporate gifting trend and understand the needs of the corporates, we connected with top players in the space. They told us, the idea is not to splurge but to choose wisely.

Presentation Is Important

‘Gift’ an otherwise inanimate object has a much deeper meaning than we usually understand, especially when it enters the corporate arena. That being said, a gift is more than meets the eye; a well-thought gift presented in a poor manner sets a very bad impression in the mind of the receiver. This point is something that you should engrave deep in your system; just swear never to commit this felony. The presentation of the gift should be spectacular, to say the least. The person should be smitten by the gift, before even opening it. A good presentation means half of the work is done.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Giving luxury corporate gifts is the best way to show your appreciation to your business partners. And, the most essential aspect to keep in mind is the occasion. The special the occasion, the exuberant your gift should be. We are not talking about money here, but the ‘what and how’ of a gift you choose.

Gifting game is, sometimes, about the expectancy of the partnership to last long, and, therefore, about the thought put behind it. Remember, the more personalized your approach, the better the chances of the receiver liking it.

Gifting luxury corporate gifts under the sun will instantly get you in the good books.

Gifts For Employees

Employees are the most integral part of any business; they deserve a perfect celebration when an occasion calls for it. Having said that, whether it is the deal you cracked or an important festival, the perfect celebration calls for a perfect gift. The best you can do is be as grounded and thoughtful when choosing a gift. It could be anything that suits their requirement the best; corporate prepaid gift cards or home utility items. Strike a balance and crack the code. Just make sure you think twice before choosing the perfect gifts for employees.

Gifts For Clients

With the umpteen options available today, the client is surely spoilt for choice. It is, therefore, important to choose something creative and personal at the same time.

Your clients are extremely important for your business and play a great role in contributing to its growth. You simply cannot take a risk in gifting your clients, as and when the occasion demands.

If you want to go a notch higher, you must experiment with a range of unique gold gifts to something very personalized. Yes, you read it write, “Gold gifts”. You might have heard about gold for food, but with the advancement in gilding techniques, gold has also become a symbol for luxury gifting. Because, why not? Everyone loves a gift that has a Midas hint of gold to it!

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