Craft Kits and DIY Ideas While Staying at Home

Craft Kits and DIY Ideas While Staying at Home

After several weeks of home quarantine, you may have already painted your room, completed the picture of your jigsaw several times, baked cake, and binged-watch Netflix every single day. Now, you discovered that the isolation would last for quite some time, and there’s no end in sight yet.

You may want a project that will make you stay sane from those Zoom conferences you have with your workmates, or you want to relive the moments of someone you miss dearly. If this is the case, you can get a DIY craft box that will brighten your day. You can then send the completed craft to someone via courier to let them know that you are thinking of them.

If you are interested in making other crafts aside from Instagram challenges, dancing on TikTok, puzzles, and more, then here are some things that you can try.

What to Do while Quarantine

Knitting or Learning Crochet

Lots of people can make scarves, phone holders, blankets, shawls, hats, sweaters, and a lot more. Lots of sites can help you with tutorials and patterns for beginners. To get started, you can shop online for the crochet tools and knitting accessories and have them delivered at your doorstep the following day. You can shop for wool, needles, and blanket kits in a lot of shops on the internet.

You indeed need to be patient when you are just starting; there are lessons online and color photos that will give you instructions along the way. After you have purchased your crochet pack, you might want to get a book that will not only cover the basics but will also give you instructions on advanced techniques. Read more about crocheting when you click here.

Pressed Flower Art

Perhaps in your daily jog around the block, you may see some colorful pansies, crocuses, and bluebells around. You can collect some of the blossoms and press them to dry using the pages of a thick book. A word of caution, though, if you see the blooms inside your neighbor’s garden, ask their permission before picking the flowers!

You can get a gold paint pen, glue gun with sticks, and gather your pansies, ferns, and daisies for an afternoon of fun craft. The flowers can be ready in about two to three weeks, so you might want to place an absorbent paper in between the book pages to speed up the process.

Get a photo frame and clean it properly. Carefully arrange the larger pieces on the side of the glass. The other spaces can be filled in with smaller flowers. You can continue doing this until you are happy with the results. The glue gun will secure the flowers in place.

Then you can just reassemble the photo frame and turn it right side up. You can add your favorite sayings using the golden pen. You can now display the new arrangements and enjoy looking at the pressed flowers all year. You can know more about the process here:

DIY Garden

If you are not sure if you have a green thumb, now is an excellent time to prove it. You can appreciate planting herbs, vegetables, and other greens in a DIY garden. If you are done with plopping houseplants to a container, it might be time to take things to a new level.

With a book as a guide and a subscription box exclusive for gardeners, you can fill your makeshift garden with new plants every month. This applies as well if you are living in an urban area. Most of the boxes will give you everything you need including seeds, new plants, soil, container, pictures for the design, and more.

You can look forward to plating bonsai and other succulents that will make great gifts. You can try your hand in other gardening methods and fill your house with greens for decorations. Freshen up your room with oxygen as you try to make the interior of your home more attractive.

Fragrant Candles

Candle-making is easy, and it can make quarantine life easier. A fragrant bath can be relaxing and can take the stress of bad news away. You just need to fill a container with wax. Melt the wax on a boiler for about 15 minutes. Add fragrance oil to the melted wax. Stir for a second or two. Attach the wick to the bottle where you are going to let the wax dry. The wick should touch the bottom of the container. Pour the wax afterward.

Let the wick and wax sit for about five minutes to dry. To prevent the wick from swaying, you can sandwich it between two chopsticks so that it will stay at the center. Allow further drying of four to five hours and your fragrant candle should be ready for lighting up afterward.

Start Your Crafts Now

This is the best time to explore your creative side. You can start a new project to liven up your house. When you are starting a project from scratch, you can gather everything you need through subscription boxes. The whole family will surely enjoy the activities, and the result is something that you can display in your house for a long time.

For bonus crafts, you can make crafts even out of the packaging for your box! Following instructions from or receiving inspiration from guides and articles on how to create DIY creative craft from waste material, you can find creativity in the most unexpected places for you and your kids.

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