Creating An Outdoor Dining Area

Creating An Outdoor Dining Area

When the sun starts to come out in the spring, we often want to soak up as much of it as we can. There is nothing as wonderful as cheating with friends, eating a platter of meats and cheeses, and being warmed by the sun for the afternoon. Most of the time that can be enjoyed on a terrace as a cool restaurant – but you might spend a little more than you’d hoped.

When you create an outdoor seating space, you have to invite your favorite people and get some snacks from the store. Outdoor dining areas can be as luxurious or as easy as you like; you can have a pergola, curtains, a large table, or keep it simple with a few seats and a sturdy table.

So how can you create a space to sip cold drinks, eat delicious food – or even have your morning coffee? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are planning your outdoor dining areas.


One of the first things that you’ll need to think about is the flooring. Is it level? Or are you going to have people slowly sinking back into your lawn? Think about if you want to cook on a barbecue, would it easily tip over?

Get practical about what you can quickly add to your garden and if you might need to have some decking laid first before adding any other dining furniture.

You’ll also need to consider the furniture and how much you wish to maintain it. Opting for furniture that is durable and easy to clean is beneficial – but you should also consider if you want to leave your furniture out all year round or you will pack it away. This will have an impact on the material you choose.


You’ll need somewhere to store table mats, outdoor-proof tablecloths, cushions, etc. Finding a deep chest that can double as an extra seat is a bonus and is even more space-saving than having them separate.

Creating An Outdoor Dining Area


Once you have sorted the level of the floor so that all of the furniture is supported and stable – you might want to add something extra pretty to look at. Outdoor rugs are becoming more popular. They are bright colors and usually hardwearing, but they can add so much to the feel of the dining space.

Opt for something that is waterproof, not water-resistant, and reversible – so when one side inevitably gets sunbleached, you can flip it over, and it will look like new.


What could complete your outdoor dining area, other than adding something you can cook, like pizza? Building a pizza oven or even adding a pre-made one can mean you can have hot, fresh pizza, anything of date. Often we change more of the garden at the same time, and if you are looking for some tips for how you can create a garden that you’ll be in love with – even with just beginner skills here is the post for you: Beginner Gardening Tips – Prim Mart.

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