Creative Wall Art Ideas to Dress Your Blank Walls

Do you have a large blank wall and no idea what to do with it? You are not the only one. Whether you live in a one-bedroom condo or a big house, at some point, you end up staring in a blank wall in your home, not knowing what to do with it.

For many of us, painting is the most popular decorating treatment for house walls due to its smoothness and straightforwardness, though, to be honest, it can get quite messy. However, there are other decorative treatments for blank walls that can bring even more personality and beauty in a home. It is true, they might require a bit more time and imagination, but the result is creating a stylish and unique living space.

If you are ready to turn your bare walls into beautiful centerpieces showing off your personal taste, read on and get inspired by our hand-picked creative wall art ideas.

Hang a Wall Tapestry

One of the best ways to add color, texture, and context to an otherwise blank wall is by hanging a wall tapestry. The tapestry’s relative wideness can help create the illusion of a larger room or make a living space look bigger. They are an ideal decor piece to lift the energy in an area, fill a room with warmth, and help create an atmosphere of calmness. When deciding on applying tapestry in your home, it is essential to keep in mind that this fabric piece acts as the room’s main feature item. What is more, tapestries in recent times can be found with numerous patterns and designs, so you can easily find one that suits your home. Additionally, they are a fraction of the painting cost or placing wallpaper on the wall, so they are an economical way to dress a blank wall. Lastly, when shopping for tapestries to adorn your home, it is essential to select the one you love, because much like an oil painting, a wall tapestry is a piece of art.

Grouping Artwork and Creating a Gallery Wall

Artwork is a great way to add interest and uniqueness to a home, and grouping different artwork pieces is a surefire way to make a significant impression in a room. A blank wall (large or small) can be easily brought to life with an extensive gallery wall where different art items can be grouped in exciting compositions. As an idea, choose frames in the same color, style, or finish so you can unite the art arrangement. For some inspiration on what to add to your wall, check out an interesting article on 30 Abstract Figurative Oil Paintings.

For instance, divide your living room or dining room wall into sections and place a small collage of different art items or small sculptures, mirrors, and an arrangement of larger paintings. Or use wooden folders with clips in the middle as frames to hang different pictures, photos, painting reproductions, or postcards. That is a great and affordable way to beautify, for example, a wall in your open kitchen area.

Displaying Black and White Photographs

Another stylish and cool way to dress a blank wall in your house is by hanging a large photograph. And since sometimes less is more, you can opt for a large black and white photograph that can serve as a focal point in the room.

If you want to personalize the space and still keep the cool vibe in the room, opt for displaying black and white family portraits. We love this idea, especially for blank and empty hallway walls. You can also showcase photos of your favorite vacation, your wedding, or whatever is meaningful. It just depends on the space and whether you fancy a more eclectic and asymmetric display or favor a streamlined and symmetric look.

Connect Ceramics in Unusual Presentations

Ceramic items can also make stunning wall art. You can opt to display your grandma’s china plates, create impressive installations with ceramic art, or connect small pottery filled with plants in unusual presentations. Ceramics are an exciting and versatile way to decorate a blank wall, giving a room a different look – from rustic to minimalistic, all depending on your decor style at home. Our favorite is creating a wall of plants in ceramic pots. The key to nailing this look is to make sure that all pots you use match in style.

Set an up Artsy Bookshelf

Love to read? Love to travel? Then an end-to-end bookshelf filled with books and collected treasures on a blank wall can give your room a beautiful, adventurous, or museum-like character. Arrange all your books, place all your travel souvenirs, display large or small sculptures, put frames with family or vacation photographs, add decorative storage boxes, or put small greenery in interesting ceramic pots. We simply love this idea since you can fill your bookshelf with practically anything that excites you. In this case, truly, the sky is the limit.

Style With Antiques

Incorporating antiques into your home often requires combining and matching with taste objects that are decades or even centuries apart. For many, that can be quite a challenging task. However, do not be discouraged. Hang up a few antique pieces that you genuinely cherish, maybe some form your heritage collection, regardless of whether they match or not. Sure, you might need to pay attention to space, so the decor style does not seem derivative, but believe us, hanging antiques on a wall can help you achieve a room that is not just personal and original, but also one that tells a story. Keep an eye out for unique pieces, like paintings, decorative plates too precious to eat off of, or perhaps a French mirror.

Hang Lights

Long gone are the days where a simple bulb on the wall was enough in a room. Today, lights can be used to brighten up our blank walls and decorate them. Choose, for example, string lights, a collection of cubic or round wall lamps in a monochromatic scheme, or the rainbow color. It all depends on your room’s decorating style and the atmosphere you want to bring. Our favorite idea is to use neon lights to decorate a blank wall. Why? Because neon can add a fun and artsy twist to any room. Opt for neon to accent wall art or use neon-style signs as artistic pieces for residential use. You can even have a custom neon sign made, by a company like Neon Mama, for an extra special touch.

Parting Shot

Finding the perfect way to spruce up blank walls may take a bit of planning. Yet, decorating them excitingly and appealingly can add life and personality to your space. And believe us, the ideas that we have shared with you can provide you with enough inspiration to start giving your bare walls the makeover they need.

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