Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

Clutter is an ugly word! It’s even more unpleasant when this is a task you have to do to keep your home clean and free from random objects on the floors, tables, and sofas. Still, you need to declutter your home so why not make the process more purposeful and entertaining with the tips and guidelines listed below.

Tidy in short intervals

The reason clutter starts and accumulates is because of habits and motivations. You and your family tend to leave things around when your attention changes and you want to do something else. That little bit of motivation to put things away is missing.

You might want to train yourself to remember to put things away but that isn’t always realistic. Instead, you might want to resolve to tidy the place in small intervals, 20 or 15 mins a day to keep on top of clutter.

Give items away

We tend to accumulate items as the years go by, things like Christmas presents that aren’t used, and items bought on the spur of the moment on the Internet before you have a chance to decide if you really need it. But there’s always a chance to give things away.

Consider the items cluttering up your home and whether you really need them in your life? If you think you would rather have some extra space instead of an easel and canvas that you haven’t used yet, why not find someone who has a passion for it at the moment.

Challenge yourself

It can be hard to give away some items, even if you no longer use them and you are well aware they are just taking up space. These might be sentimental items too that you are reluctant to part with. It might be time to set yourself a challenge.

Decide on 12 items that you will throw away, 12 items that you will donate, and 12 items that you will find a new home for yourself. This gives you a bit of structure to work with and a task to motivate you to declutter.

Use smart furniture

Another excellent way to declutter your home is to use smart furniture. It’s not what you might think, smart furniture doesn’t mean AI furniture, although that might be so etching for the future. Smart furniture is furniture that is intelligently designed.

Take a mirrored nest of table, for example. This is smart furniture because it gives you three tables for the space of one. If you have fired over the tables spread out and create more space for eating and sharing, but they don’t otherwise clutter up your home.

The visitor test

The visitor test is a way of viewing your home as if you were someone coming to visit. What you do is imagine you are standing in the home of someone else, perhaps a friend of a friend. Cast your eye around and allow yourself to make judgments about it.

This is an excellent way to see your home through a new set of eyes and make changes that will optimize your home for you and present your best side to visitors when they arrive. If they don’t you always know you have the perfect home to live in.

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