Custom Pet Portraits Make the Best Gifts

A family poses with both their pets and their beautiful custom oil paintings of the same animals they’re posing with.

People love their furry friends, whether they’re of the feline, canine, or some other variety. In fact, Americans are spending more on pets than ever, with spending on our animal pals reaching $72.56 billion last year. Yes, you read that right. Billion.

While money spent isn’t necessarily the very best data point to measure our love for the pets in our lives, it’s very indicative of how much they mean to us. In an economic climate where money is tight for a lot of people, we’re putting more than ever towards their welfare. They mean a lot to us, and more and more people are opting to have pets rather than children. Even many people who also have children think of their pets as true family members.

Pets Who Live in Our Homes and Our Hearts are Perfect Portrait Subjects

Whether your pet currently lives with you or whether they’ve gone over the rainbow bridge and are missed every day, you can turn a photo into oil painting or other art medium of your choice. Some people aren’t necessarily comfortable being portrayed in a portrait, but Fido certainly won’t object.

Also, who doesn’t love pictures of animals? There’s a reason that animals are the subject of countless viral videos, memes, and motivational posters. Pets make us feel good, and a classy way to add animal portraits into our home décor would be most welcome in most households.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit

One of the coolest parts about animal portraits is that there really are no limits. Your pet can be portrayed in any background, any combination of subjects, any style, any medium, with any accessories, and you can even add family members who walk on two legs if you desire.

Maybe you’d like to see your French poodle set in front of the Eiffel tower since there’s a running joke in your family that the dog obviously has a haughty French accent. No problem. You can work with an artist to add your pet into any setting you could possibly imagine.

Perhaps you’d like a hand-painted portrait to commemorate all the dogs you’ve lost over the years. Your artist will be all over it! Even if those pets never lived together or you don’t have a picture of them all together, it’s still totally feasible.

Maybe you’d like your furry friend portrayed as the king or queen you know they are at heart. Perfect! With their crown and scepter, your sweet pup or kitty can rule over your living room with grace, dignity, and utter cuteness.

If you really want your pet’s picture to serve as a decorating focal point in your house, a professional artist can help you make sure that the piece will fit into your home décor. You can provide them details about your color palate, style, and where you intend to place your new work of art so that they can create a piece that will fit right into your space.

A Gift for Any Occasion

portrait of your dog makes for a generous and thoughtful gift for any member of your family. Many people order custom portraits for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas gifts.

It’s a perfect gift for anyone who is really dedicated to their pet, and these days, as the statistic above implies, who isn’t? They’re great for parents, spouses, siblings, children, or even your pet himself if you’re feeling particularly eccentric.

They also make very special gifts when a pet has recently passed away. If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know that it’s incredibly difficult. When a pet passes on, it’s a lot like losing a human family member who lives in your house. You share your day with your animals and their love and affection are very notable in their absence when they’re gone. While nothing can bring them back, having a dog portrait commissioned can be a very cathartic way to keep the feelings of loneliness at bay. Now imagine if someone had a portrait commissioned for you of your dearly departed fur friend. It means the world that a loved one went through the trouble to have such a special piece of art created and also that a talented artist put their skills to work to memorialize your pet.

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If you’re looking for a really special gift for an animal lover you love dearly, a custom pet portrait might be just the ticket.

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