Cut Your Mowing Time in Half with These Mowers

Lawn mowing is one of those inevitable tasks every homeowner is expected to complete from time to time. With various mowers available in the market, the tasks should not be daunting. Owners of small yards/lawns can quickly finish their mowing responsibility within a few minutes using available tractors. If you have lots of ground to cover, however, you will need improved equipment. One of the best options recommended for mowing tough lawns is a zero-turn riding lawn mower. Unlike traditional mowers, you do not have to reach every swath of grass. The large deck and tight rotating angle allow you to reach vast and tight spaces without having to travel the distance. Most models feature two levers, one which is used to control the “zero radius” deck. Nonetheless, there are various factors that determine how long it will take you to mow any lawn.

How long does it take to mow my lawn?

As aforementioned, lawn mowing can be an overwhelming task is you have a wide area to cover. Essentially, the larger the area, the more time you will spend cutting grass. However, size is only one of the factors. Other things that might influence the mowing time include;

a) Width of the mower deck

Lawn mowers come in different sizes. Larger mowers (those with a wider deck) cover a larger ground, allowing you to cut more grass in one sweep. A large riding mower can significantly reduce your mowing time. These mowers also come with longer blades and bigger engines. They usually cost a little more and are ideal for mowing large yards.

b) Mower speed

Just like width, mowers have different mowing speeds measured in miles per hour (MPH). A typical push mower cuts grass at 3MPH. Lawn tractors may achieve speeds of up to 5MPH while residential zero-turn riding mowers cut at 5-8 MPH. Commercial zero-turn mowers are the fastest cutting swaths of grass at 7-13MPH. Engine size also influences how fast the mower will be. Larger engines offer more horsepower increasing the rotating speed and thus mowing speed.

c) Lawn conditions

A clean square ground is much easier to mow. On the other hand, lawn conditions such as curves, large stones and boulders, trees, hills and walls will increase the time you spend mowing. The more obstacles you have, the more time consuming it will be especially if you have traditional small slow mowers.

Mowers that cut your mowing time in half (zero-turn riding mowers)

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial mowers, it is recommendable to review various products before making your decision. Looking for a lawn mower that can cut down your mowing time in half can be a challenge. There are various things to consider mainly with regard to the mower’s features. Speed, engine size and lawn deck width are the three most important features. You basically need to choose a large, powerful mower that can provide commercial standard speed. This is exactly what Commercial zero-turn mowers provide.

Although they come in different sizes and varying speeds, zero-turn mowers are significantly faster than traditional alternatives. Even the entry level options that are designed for lawns 2-3 acres wide can achieve top speeds of 8MPH. They also feature improved acceleration and have an ergonomic lap bar used to control both speed and direction. You can review zero-turn lawn mowers at to compare existing models and features. You will find comprehensive reviews of top zero-turn riding mowers of 2019 and critical insights to help you make an informed purchase. Zero-turn mowers were initially designed for mowing companies and commercial landscapers. They are arguably the most efficient mowing equipment in the market working twice as fast as traditional push mowers and tractors. Most zero-turn mowers use lap bars (levers) instead of a steering wheel. They also have two transmissions, for the front and rear wheels, controlled independently by their respective lever. This allows the tight turning radius trademark of zero-turn mowers.

There are different types of zero-turn lawn mowers including lap bar controlled, steering wheel and joystick, stand-on, mid mount, front mount, single cylinder and v-twin cylinders among others. It is important to carefully review your options before making a purchase. Find out how fast the mower is, how long it takes to mow an acre and how powerful the engine(s) is. Most importantly, purchase reputable brands that are not only durable, but also come with lengthy warranty and quality guarantees. Compare the different offers in the market to gather insights on the benefits of each model. Lastly, choose based on your unique needs. If you have a large lawn to mow or provide commercial landscaping services, for instance, it would be more benefiting to go for large powerful mowers with wide decks and faster turning speeds.

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