Cycling in Winter: What You Need to Know

Cycling in Winter: What You Need to Know

While there are folks who dare not go biking during winter, there are adventurous ones who find a sense of satisfaction riding through the cold, snowy terrain of this season.  

The benefits of winter cycling shouldn’t be overlooked. One research conducted by Northern Arizona University shows that biking through the winter allows you to burn more calories and use your body’s oxygen more efficiently. Besides, who can dismiss the fact that winter cycling is a whole lot of fun? 

But before you take a ride during the chilly, frosty road of winter, it will be a great help if you take note of these important things when winter cycling. 

Wear Layered Clothing

The rule of thumb when deciding what to wear when biking in winter is to choose layered clothing. Pick a warm base layer or jacket to ensure that you won’t get the chills on your journey. Then, wear multiple layers according to your preferences. You can add two or three layers of clothing that you can easily take off as the ride gets warmer or longer. 

Choose Your Winter Bike

You don’t need to buy a new bike to ride through below-zero weather conditions. An old but still good mountain bike in your garage can still give you an incredible ride during the winter season. 

Many winter cyclists prefer fat bikes with four-inch tires when they want to have a winter adventure. Nowadays, electric fat bikes are also getting popular for their additional power especially when battling thick snow on the road. You can check this e-bike site if you want an e-bike for your winter ride. 

It’s also advisable to lower the tire pressure to a few pounds or use a pair of studded tires to help maintain traction. 

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Bike After a Ride

Expect that your bike won’t be in its same pristine look after a ride in the slush and snow. For sure, your bike will get dirty that can damage or corrode some parts of it over time. That’s why you need to wash your bike after every ride to get rid of those nasty ones off your precious double-wheeler companion. Then, rinse and dry your bike. 

You can also use a WD-40 spray on your bike frame and chain to eliminate excess moisture after every ride. Or, before a ride, spray it on bike parts that are prone to grime and ice because WD-40 can help repel dirt and other debris off your bicycle. 

Pack Extra Gear

Prepare some extra gear to make sure that you have the necessary things in case of an emergency. For instance, you should have an extra pair of socks or a pair of gloves stored in a sealed plastic bag to keep you warm if ever the temperature hits lower than you expected. Top tube bag is a must-have accessory for your adventurous ride which will keep your belongings intact and water safe.

Use A Double-Insulated Container for Your Drinks

It’s crucial to keep yourself hydrated during a winter bike ride. Remember that you still lose liquids from your body even if the weather is cold. So, make sure to use a double-insulated flask or liquid container where you can store your water or coffee. 

Fit Your Bike with Fenders

Fenders are an essential fixture for bikes that typically slug through slushy terrains. They protect your bike and your clothing from getting wet and grimy. There are fenders that you can easily attach to your bicycle. Or, if you don’t want to spend money, you can make DIY fenders out of a plastic bottle. 

Make Sure You’re Visible on the Road

Road visibility is low during the winter season. That’s why it’s crucial that you install lights and reflectors on your bike to keep the road visible to you and you visible to the motorists with whom you’re sharing the road. 

Invest in a headlight and light-blaring tail light to help other motorists be aware of your presence on the road. Then attach some reflectors on the handlebar and frame of your bike. 


Winter cycling is no doubt fun and exciting, but you need to know about the important things you need to wear, bring, or install on your bike to keep you safe and protected on the cold, snowy road. Make sure to follow the list of tips we just mentioned in this article. 

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