Dangers in Having Floods in the Basement

Dangers in Having Floods in the Basement

As every person must understand, it is essential to look after your plumbing system at home. By disregarding correct maintenance and repairs, it encourages additional damages and costs. It is best to address issues with your plumbing system immediately, especially with leaks. The threats of leaks, particularly in the basement, are extreme. We are talking about comprehensive, pricey repairs, structural damage, and unfavorable health effects. 

Floods in the basement can cause many issues for homeowners in McKinney, TX. It is true if you use your basement as a storage area of your home or you use it to pile some valuable stuff. Floods are the number one occurrence in the United States. Listed below are the common problems that could occur if you have a flooded basement with over some inches of stagnant water.

Do not let the flooded basement ruin your household.

Mold Growth

In our environment, the growth of molds is everywhere, also within our houses. Nevertheless, these molds are commonly asleep and considered no harm unless they are activated. It requires moisture, like water damage in a home. And when they are active, the clock is ticking fast, which means the mold will spread to the entire floors and walls. It only takes a day or two.

If you have a watery basement, it is a production area for mold and mildew. Assessment and decontamination, both urgent processes, must be part of your repair process.

Structural Damage

As water accumulates and stays for long periods, it may cause damage to the framework of your home. The damage is not always visible, though. A flooded basement uses a tremendous amount of weight on the structure. It causes cracks on the floors and walls. You probably will not see the holes until the next torrential rainfall, when the water begins flowing indoors.

Moreover, eliminating the water from your basement must be done regularly. It will not be done at once, or it will cause more structural damage. Drawing out the water makes it flood quickly. Soil circles the foundation and uses further pressure on the basement. It can also make wood posts and supports decay.

Sinking Floors

A problem that can pose a danger to the structure of your home is the sinking floor. If you have a severe problem with a flooded basement; then, you want your home to get examined after the cleanup to identify other lingering basement problems. It may sound absurd to imagine a sinkhole is developing under your basement from a sinking floor, but it could eventually happen. 

HVAC System and Water Heater Damage

If you like the most homeowners, you place your HVAC unit and water heater in the basement. If your basement is wet, the moisture can lead to severe damage and even cause premature deterioration of your water heater system. If your dryer and washer are also in the basement, they are at risk of falling too early as well. 

Health Risks

You can replace most of the things you have. Yet, the most at risk when there is moisture in your basement is your health. A damp basement is a health hazard. Wet areas are the ideal place for mold, mildew, and fungi to breed and multiply. These things are famous for causing respiratory diseases. If you have stagnant water down your basement, it may also cause electrical shock if wires and other electrical components go through the water. 

Rodent Problems

Water could invite rodents or all kinds of tiny creatures that could enter through wet cracks that make your basement flooded in the first place. Then, they cling around and grow in the damp areas. The dander and dropping from rodents and other creatures can pose allergy problems in those who have allergies at home. 

Preventative Measures

If you worry that you may have a flooded basement this coming months or seasons, call an expert plumbing company like Lex’s Plumbing to assess the condition of your basement. We can inspect it and go through extensive examinations if you need some extra help.

Contact Lex’s Plumbing today! 

If storms and rains have brought you a flooded basement, call Lex’s Plumbing by contacting one of our staff, or you can visit our website. We make sure to handle this problem carefully before the damage gets worse and costs you more. If you need other plumbing services, we are proud to provide you with guaranteed; and quality plumbing services in McKinney, TX. Along with our expert plumbers, we confidently give you 100% customer satisfaction. Call us now. 

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