Decorating with Artificial Flowers & Other Creative Elements

Decorating with artificial flowers is a nice way to add style to your home decor. Now, let me first say I’m not talking about decorating with cheap looking flower stems designed to used in memorial bouquets. I’m talking about quality flowers that look like the real thing. So to keep you waiting no longer, let’s get started with the ideas.

The Benefits of Artificial Flowers

When I talk about artificial flowers, I often include all elements of artificial floral supplies. That includes birds, fake pumpkins, and other pieces that look real but aren’t. My background working with these go several years when I was head florist in a craft chain store. It gave me a lot of experience working with these kinds of supplies, mixing them with dried flowers, wreaths, etc.

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to have natural looking flowers all year around. Face it many of us don’t have the freedom of going to the garden to pick a bouquet of flowers. And buying flowers all the time can be quite expensive. Plus there’s some kinds of decorations that just do better with artificial flowers than with real, like wreaths.

Beautiful Wreaths

Wreath are on my favorite ways to use flowers to decorate. I recently had the opportunity to receive and review a wreath from Silk Plants Direct. I chose their hydrangea wreath because I’m fond of that flower and wanted to bring its beauty indoors. I was not disappointed. Their wreaths are very well made with quality silk flowers. I suspect this will last a long time for me and my family to enjoy.

Wreaths and swags are nice for bringing more softness and color to your wall. When you have framed art, sconces, and other wall art, it can seem a bit empty or flat still. But, a wreath filled with different flowers can pull the look together and add a soft touch to your room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Get brave with your decorating. It frees your creativity and you can come with some wonderful decorating ideas. Look for distressed containers you can fill with a mix of silk flowers and natural ones. I often use large silk flowers as focal flowers and fill in with tall thin sprays of berries and dried flowers. Use your flowers in 3’s, 5’s, 7’s to give your arrangements balance.

Speaking of being brave with creative elements, the same company that let me review their wreath, also have a product line of 3D walls. CSI Gypsum 3D design and create a product line of wall panels that look like artwork by itself. I can imagine how neat they would be as a feature wall in a home. Would be an excellent of way of turning a troublesome looking wall into a conversation maker. Try picturing some of their designs accented with the right color of paint or even a rustic paint technique. You literally could have a complete new look in a room in a day.

So, no matter how big a project you have in mind, be it decorating with some silk flowers, an artificial topiary, or redoing a complete with wall, your creativity can turn out a fantastic look for your home decor.

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