Decoration Tips for a Restful Bedroom

Decoration Tips for a Restful Bedroom

Bedrooms should be peaceful, serene, and relaxing. It’s supposed to be a haven that shields you from the noise and chaos of the outside world. However, it is sometimes difficult to set up our rooms to be as relaxing as they ought to be.

But wait… 

This article offers some invaluable decoration tips for a restful bedroom. 

You know what’s more?

The ideas featured in this article do not require a major overhaul. So whether you’re moving into a new home and thinking up ideas to decorate your room or simply looking to get more out of your room, read on!

A Cozy Mattress

We spend a third of our lives in bed. That said, picking a mattress should not be handled carelessly. In fact, a room with a less-than-comfortable mattress can never be as restful as it should be. 

Mattresses get to determine how restful your night’s sleep will be. Over time, they become stiff and unsupportive of your body, and this affects your sleep quality. Waking up with body pains is so not fun, and it’s mainly due to one problem with your mattress:


Some mattresses don’t even have to get old to sag. And this hurts because mattresses are quite an investment. 

However, not all mattresses sag within a few years of active use.

If your mattress is already saggy, you should consider replacing it with one of the options reviewed in this article: Best Mattresses that Don’t Sag and Can Offer You Proper Support.

After choosing a cozy mattress, topping it up with beautiful, comfortable bed sheets and several good-textured pillows will make your bed inviting and relaxing.

Try Dark, Monochromatic Color Schemes

Darker shades of gray, blue, or even black on your bedroom wall can provide a very calming vibe. These colors do not reflect as much light as their brighter counterparts and, as such, exudes a relaxing aura. 

For your beddings and other designs, you may experiment with monochromatic color schemes like cream and off-white or pastel blue and lime green. Crisp white bed sheets are considerable but combine better with darker walls. 

For context, imagine a room with a deep gray wall, pale oak floor and bed linen, and a sparkling white ceiling. So simple, yet so peaceful. Don’t you just love it?

Use Layered Lighting 

Bedroom lighting is more important than mere illumination; it affects the aura of the entire room. For best results, use multiple light sources with lower wattage instead of one or two high-powered lights. Each light source should have one of three functions:

  • Ambient Light: This is focused on illuminating the entire room. It’s usually bright.
  • Accent Light: These lights are strategically positioned to highlight certain features of the room.
  • Task Light: Special purpose light for reading, writing, etc. 

Use lights with dimmer switches that can be adjusted based on mood. Generally, soft but bright bulbs are recommended. 

Use Patterns

Patterns are yet another excellent idea for cozy bedroom decorations. More so, if you’re an art lover. However, using too many patterns may make your room look “too busy,” and your aim of having a restful-looking bedroom may just be defeated. To avoid that, you can try one of two things:

First, you may try using just one pattern on different parts of the room. Getting the same beautiful pattern on your throw pillows, curtains, and faux-hide area rug sounds beautiful.

You may also try using soft accent colors to beautify milder colors like creamy white. This way, you can hardly get it wrong.

Green Sparks Your Room to Life

There’s no denying that greenery always adds a breath of fresh air. Green is a color subconsciously associated with life and wellness, and this soothes the soul. 

White combines perfectly with mid-tone green to give your room that soothing feeling. 

Your room will wound up being way more serene if you incorporate one or two of these into its decoration: 

Green beddings, artworks containing lots of plant life, potted plants, and many other plant-related decorations. 

If you’re a lover of plants and gardens, then this one’s definitely worth trying.

With these design-centric tips, you’re underway to having a super restful bedroom. But to tighten loose ends, we’ll provide you with:

Some Extra Tips

Consider Creating a Nook

Your bedroom should be a secluded place that offers you the peace you need. However, sometimes you just want more. 

Creating a nook within your bedroom can be like finally finding a place that genuinely feels homely and peaceful. It could be as simple as a loft or just a comfy chair and footstool. If you’ve got more space to spare, you can seclude an area for deep meditation, focus or rest. You can look up some more bedroom nook ideas on

Create Extra Space

It’s easy to get carried away, and the next thing you find yourself squeezing between tables and drawers to move around. Not good.

To avoid having a cramped room, here are some things you can do:

  • Avoid irrelevant furniture. This is especially important in small rooms. A minimalistic approach will leave you with a more restful room.
  • Move extraneous stuff to a separate location –  maybe a store.
  • Consider creating extra storage spaces. Drawers underneath your bed and extra wardrobe shelves are some options you may consider.

There’s No Silver Bullet

Ta-da! There’s no one size fits all with bedroom designs, and this list will be incomplete without this tip. While we’ve offered lots of priceless tips, getting soaked up in these ideas may not serve your best needs. In most cases, it may leave you with a room that doesn’t feel right for you. In summary, if you’ve got certain things that particularly appeal to your fancy, be sure to incorporate them into your designs. That way, you’ll be much more relaxed.

Wrapping Up

Decorating your room to achieve a restful feel doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Though you may need to invest some time, energy, and a few bucks, it’ll be totally worth it.

So, which of these tips will you be incorporating into your room decor? Got a new idea for your room? Let’s know in the comments!

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