Design in Business: What Makes It Important?

Design in Business: What Makes It Important?

Large companies spend millions of dollars for a simple logo or a color change in their software. Citizens often scoff at this considerable expense, brushing it off as unnecessary. However, ask any successful entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you the same thing: good design is integral to business success. Let’s take a look at why that is.

Delivers a Strong and Lasting First Impression

Successful with physical locations use window decals to tell passersby about their business while creating the right atmosphere for their business. When you enter their store, there is consistency in their theme and brand. The design that’s being carried throughout is impactful and unforgettable.

For first-time clients, this registers as a good first impression because it shows the professional caliber of your business. Combined with stellar service, their initial interaction with your business will be of good quality, and they will be walking out of your store with a strong positive first impression that they’ll hopefully share with family and friends.

Hammers Brand Image and Consistency

Apple has a very consistent brand image, similar to other highly successful corporations. Disney has a strong and strictly kept image, and it’s applied throughout their associated businesses and services. Good design isn’t just “what looks good.” It’s also what tells people something and how it can be applied to many formats.

Remember that people associate emotions and experiences with brands, specifically a brand’s image and theme. Suppose they see this theme applied to different avenues for the business (like website, Instagram or Facebook page, or even brick-and-mortar store). In that case, they can immediately feel safe that the quality of service they initially had will be repeated.

This also solidifies your brand image as credible, competitive, and competent, everything that every business strives to be. So consider investing in a solid brand image, and make sure it’s applied across the board.

Establishes Your Business as Unique

With connection and accessibility at an all-time high, more and more people are establishing businesses in different industries. This results in an oversaturation of services, with the market spoiled for choice. Competition is tough. For a company to survive, they need to have not just a unique selling proposition but a unique image to differentiate themselves from the rest.

That’s why businesses are putting in the resources to solidify their branding, have their slogan and logo plastered all over, create service packages that are competitive in price and unique and quality to differentiate themselves from the rest. Needless to say, this is an effective tactic. Consumers often go for the ones that set themselves off while offering a product or service they can’t get elsewhere.

Gives an Efficient and Intuitive Design with More Use

Good design isn’t just limited to how something looks but also how something operates and performs. Take, for example, the Google Play Store app found in most Android phones. It’s designed in a way that it shows you your downloaded applications, the most popular ones, and suggested applications.

Almost everything is just a click away, from updating your current apps to downloading a new one. What this does is that it increases engagement and use from users. The same goes for shopping app; it’s inherently designed to draw people in. And this is what an efficient and intuitive design does. It attracts people and makes them want to use the system more.

For businesses, this means that their website should be designed intuitively so shoppers can immediately go to their online cart or checkout should they finally decide to purchase something. Making the process inefficient turns clients away, potentially hindering the growth of your business.

Increases the Value of your Company

Finally, good design will do your business what is perhaps the best benefit from it: the perception of value. Because humans are naturally drawn to good design, whatever the format or platform is, seeing anything well-designed is often equated to quality and excellence.

This, in turn, resulted in better sales and increased brand awareness. Consider the battle of MySpace and Facebook, two of the most popular social media websites during social media’s infancy. Because Facebook focused on its design, intuitive use, and overall image, it could overtake the older MySpace with a considerable margin. This is all thanks to Facebook’s design philosophy, demonstrating how vital design is to the success of a business.

Whatever industry your business is in, nothing can go wrong with investing in good design. Not only will it make your business look more professional, but it can also increase engagement and sales. That’s something that any entrepreneur wants for their business.

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