Different Types of Baseball Bats for Youth & High School Sports Players

When it comes to the game of baseball, the bat you choose can have a big impact on your personal game, but, with all the different types of options out there, it can be difficult to know exactly what to choose.  Just as there are different types of baseball bats, there are different types of baseball players and therefore, what you need for your best game is specific.  Before selecting a bat, you will want to also take into consideration, what kind of hitter you’re striving to be, what type of baseball league you play in and how much money you have to spend on your equipment.

Buying sports equipment for kids can be confusing. We've put together a handy list of different types of baseball bats for youth to help choose.

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Types of Baseball Bats

Wooden Baseball Bats 

The first type of baseball bat you’ll want to consider is one made of wood.  This is what we see used in major league baseball games and is usually considered the standard.  That being said, the type of wood being used in a bat differs greatly and sets wood bats apart from one another.  For example, bats used in the major leagues tend to be bats made by Louisville Slugger and these bats are made exclusively from white ash.  Thus, making them heavy and thick. If you’re looking to buy a wooden bat but want something a little slimmer and lighter, you’ll instead want to look into a bat made of maple.

There are also options like bamboo and hickory, but you will have to check the regulations of the league you play in to ensure such bats are allowed. Moreover, if you are looking for the best baseball bats specifically designed for kids including for nine year olds, then visiting this link would be a great help.

Aluminum Baseball Bats

Next to wooden bats, aluminum bats tend to be the most popular for leagues like high-school and even college.  In comparison to wooden bats, aluminum bats tend to be much lighter and longer lasting. The lighter feature enables those new to the sport or trying to refine their swing a greater ability to do so.  Additionally, aluminum bats also allow for younger or weaker players to send the ball just as far as hitting with a wooden bat. Therefore, if you’re a player looking to improve your swing or techniques, new to the game, or, not quite as physically strong, then this may be the best choice for you!

Composite Baseball Bats

Going even lighter than aluminum bats, if that’s what you’re looking for, is the composite bat.  Composite bats are made from a variety of materials but most often, plastic, titanium and even graphite.  These types of bats are usually found in little leagues or lower level leagues that might be “just for fun.”  For younger players, they’re easier to swing since they’re so light. However, if you’re competing in an adult league, you’ll again want to check the regulations to ensure composite bats are allowed.  Likewise, if price is a focal point, you’ll want to note that composite bats tend to be more expensive than aluminum or wood bats.

Hybrid Baseball Bats

Lastly, if you like the sound of the benefits of aluminum and composite bats but are hesitant about the specific downfalls those types of bats have, then you may want to consider a hybrid bat!  Usually, a hybrid bat is made from aluminum in the grip area and then the barrel is made from composite materials. Therefore, taking away from the drawback of durability in other types of bats.  Hybrid bats will be highly resistant to dings, dents or simple breaking all together, like a wooden bat might. The only possible drawbacks to hybrid bats are that they’re expensive and potentially not allowed in some leagues, so again, be sure to think about your price range as well as checking the regulations of your baseball league. When getting MLB tickets to watch the game, try to notice the kind of bats being used, since that might help you make a decision.

Batter Up!

With four excellent choose from, there is no doubt something available for each baseball player when it comes to bats.  With the information provided, you should be able to choose what type of bat and its benefits will lead to your best swing!  Happy hitting!

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