Different Types Painting Tools

A beautiful looking, fresh coat of paint on your house gives you a feeling of satisfaction. It changes the overall aura of your home, making it more attractive. People inspecting or watching your house from the nearby street get impressed. We call it adding curb appeal to your house. However, finding the right painting tools for carrying out the paint job might be harder than you think. There are many different types of tools offered in the market. It may be a challenge to know which one to buy and from where.

Here below is a list of four different painting tools.

paint rollers painting tools Roll

If painting a large surface area, you need a roller. It will easily allow you to cover the large area walls quite quickly and with less effort. Choose among the many different sizes for the one you require. They also feature different naps depending on how much paint will be applied. If your walls require a thicker coverage, you should choose one with a thicker nap. Care is needed as too much paint might get used to a point where it drips, causing messes.


You will require a tray when using a roller. The paint will be poured there for you to insert the roller to pick up the amount required. Think about the size of your roller before you buy the tray.

The material used to make the tray should be a consideration due to the durability issue. Trays made of molded plastic are of high quality. Ensure to put the optimum amount of paint in the tray. Putting too much makes you get a lot of drips. Using too little makes it difficult to cover the walls sufficiently.

Sash Brush

If your painting involves a lot of painting on windows and doors, you require a sash brush. It differs a bit as compared to ordinary brushes in that it paints the edges of windows and doors frames.

The ordinary brush gets used for slapping the paint onto the walls. The sash-brush features an angle towards the end of the bristles. The name sash got derived from the original intended use. That’s the work of cutting around window sashes. It’s nowadays applied on corners insides, ceiling, and around woodwork.

Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer operates using a spray gun that sprays paint at high pressure. They’re best suited to painting large surfaces as they spread paint faster than rollers and brushes. They are more efficient as they can apply coatings even to uneven surfaces such as stair balusters and window shutters. Sprayers convert a liquid into some fine mist, thus creating a mirror-like finish on furniture and cabinets surfaces. Not everyone would know how to use a paint sprayer off the bat. Don’t worry as everything is on the internet these days, and the guys at PaintedZone.com have tips and reviews on how to use one. They’re masters in the art of spray painting and can help you to find the best paint sprayers and even other tools used in painting.

To succeed in giving your house a perfect paint coat, you require the right tools. The above guide was intended to solve some of the questions you may have. These include the type of tool, its size, and quality. The above list gives you a good start, and you can rest assured to enjoy a smooth and blissful painting.

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