DIY Cool Game Room Ideas

A game room, one of the best rooms in any home, should have only the best features that make everyone in the house happy. It is a place where you go to have a good time with friends and cool off after hard day’s work. If you’re planning to create a game room or already have one, but not sure what might still be missing, these DIY projects are the answer to your prayers.

Wine Cork Dart Board

Everyone loves darts, but only a few are real pros. If you have kids, it might really get messy with holes everywhere on the walls. To avoid this, you will need to build a wine cork dart board backer.

Now, this will be a lot easier if you have been saving wine corks but if not, don’t worry. You can also buy wine corks or collect them from people you know. So first, build a frame and glue the corks end to end until you fill the frame. Once done, you can now hang a dartboard on the new backer that you just made. You can also paint the corks to make it artistic.

Chalkboard table

A game room is not complete without a table or several ones. A chalkboard table is a good choice. You can use it to play poker or board games that require a score. Instead of arguing on scores and generally destroying the game mood, you can easily keep score on the table and save yourself a lot of trouble.

These tables also come in handy if you have kids who are really creative around tables. If your kid likes to scribble things on stuff, a chalkboard will help you save the rest of the furniture in your game room.

Entertainment Center

This is usually the central place of your game room. With more electronics than any other part of the room, it is easy to get overwhelmed. It contains the TV for the sports, the consoles for the video games, the audio system, the router and sometimes the computer. If you’re looking for something more thrilling check out olhausen pool table prices for options

You don’t need to buy a $100 dollar entertainment unit when you can easily make one for yourself. To create some space, you can get a computer utility cart to handle the computer. For the entertainment center, you will need 6 cinder blocks and six 2 x 8 ft. wooden planks.

To make them look better, you can paint the cinder blocks with a color of your choice. You can first place three blocks at a distance equal to the length of the planks with the middle block equidistant from the other two. Place three wooden planks on the blocks and glue them together to create a platform.

Repeat the procedure but now on the first platform to create a second one. With that you are now done and now you have your TV entertainment unit. You can now place your TV and consoles. Easy, right?

Home Cinema Seating

This is ideal for people with larger game rooms.  You want you and guests comfortable and all be able see the television screen while you watch TV or play games. If you want a cheaper and easy-to-make home cinema seating, you should definitely go for pallets. This is one project that any DIY enthusiast will fall for instantly.

You will just need 12 shipping pallets, which you can easily get at U-Line, and some cushions. Stack the pallets in a stadium style and then add cushions for comfort. This will definitely save you a lot of cash and create more storage space as you can store books in the spaces between the pallets.

Poker Hands Wall Art

Probably you want to invite your friends over for a nice game of poker. Some of them may not be that well conversant with the game. You might not have that much experience in the game too. A good solution to this is a poker hands wall guide.

It’s actually quite easy to build. You will need a ready made frame. A thin, sturdy card will also be required to fill the frame. Lay down the hands and stick them down using a real pack of cards. Don’t forget to label the hands so that people can know what they are holding.

The ideas above are sure to make it easy to complete your game room. They are really easy to carry out and you never know, you might have a lot of fun building them. Get started and enjoy the fun.

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