DIY Home Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Indoor Spaces

Spending most of our days at home gives us the chance to devote time in rearranging and enhancing our living spaces. Apart from being an enjoyable activity, DIY home decor projects are an affordable way to beautify your home.  They add a strong personal note to the entire living space. Today there is a vast variety of ready-made decorations and even at a very affordable rate. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of having tailored a perfect wall or furniture decor of your own, while recycling old materials or using eco-friendly organic products.

To help you out with your DIY home decor project, we have compiled a list of easy DIY arrangements.  These will make each corner of your house ooze welcoming and warm atmosphere. And, feel free to customize.  Each one per preference and make your home a cozy nest you wouldn’t want to leave for the world.

Table Centerpiece

Flowers have been used as table centerpieces since forever. The beauty of their colors and lovely scents brighten up a room. Modern practices include a lot of different accessories and unusual ideas in the composition of a floral table centerpiece combining everything from floating flowers, candles, and fruits with additional led lights arranged in “oddly” shaped glass vases.

We want to share a table centerpiece idea that will add a romantic atmosphere to your room. Unifying rustic, floral, and romantic this centerpiece is a fusion of all elements that make a modern home.


  • A decorative wooden slice (you can use a decorative cloth if you prefer)
  • Glass bottles in different shapes (old perfume bottles will work perfectly)
  • Decorative white lace and decorative rope
  • Flowers: roses, baby’s breath, fern leaves, etc. (in a variety of shapes)


  1. Make sure the glass bottles/vases are completely clean, especially if you are reusing old ones.  Clean them thoroughly with soap and mild vinegar.
  2. Decorate the center of the glass vase/bottle with lace. Decorate the bottleneck of the glass bottles by twisting decorative ropes to achieve a rustic look
  3. Add water in the bottles and add the flowers inside
  4. If you are using a wooden slice, with a knife engrave a short love quote

*Optional: You can add candles or submersible led lights inside the bottles to make for an even more romantic effect. Moreover, this way the decorative centerpiece will also serve as a very subtle night light for your living room.

If you are a fan of minimalist decorations, anything can make a good table centerpiece. Arrange several favorite items of yours like a book, an old rustic clock and a cactus and place them on a cool round tray. This kind of customized decoration makes great centerpieces for a small coffee table in your room.

Framed Wall Decorations

Another evergreen home decoration is the frame. Up until recently, framed family photos were used to decorate everyone’s house displaying loved ones and memories of the old times. Today, hanging empty frames to framing unusual items makes for modern and chic wall decor. Since frames seem inevitable in home decoration we decided to provide several cool ideas on what to frame in order to decorate the walls in your home.

Pressed botanicals

These make a beautifully framed picture for your wall and they can be more than just a flower picked at the yard. When someone gifts you flowers for a special occasion or you had a great day in the countryside, take a botanical with you and place it between two clean pieces of paper. Together with the paper sheets place the flower in a big book and then put that book under a pale of other books. After several days, your botanical will be dry and flat and ready to be placed in a frame. It’s advisable to choose a subtle white frame to let the flower/botanical take the spotlight. Hang the frame in the hall or in the living room, as flowers and botanicals make for a welcoming atmosphere.

Framed sheet notes

Have a favorite song or piece of classical music? Or maybe your loved one has their favorite song on repeat. It’s always a good idea to frame a piece of favorite music. Musical notes as such make an interesting arrangement of symbols and lines looking cool. Additionally, the music written gives meaning to the framed decoration making it perfect for the bedroom or a more intimate corner of the house.

Framed recipes

There is nothing as lovely as taking an old, faded sheet of paper from your grandma’s old notebook of recipes and framing it to decor the kitchen. Every family has a traditional recipe/s that is an inevitable part of the home food menu and thus making a part of the family’s identity. Framing an old and traditional recipe with your grandmother’s or mother’s handwriting represents a piece of your family’s history and sentimental piece of gorgeous, rustic decor.

Shelf Decorations

Shelves are probably the single piece of furniture that has no great utility but helps you decorate the space. Shelves themselves can be a great decoration if they are designed as odd and interesting shapes or arranged in cool patterns. However, what you’ll place on the shelves makes your home even more beautiful.

We suggest you use organics that you do not need to buy but take from nature. Shells and corals make the best decoration to add on a shelf. If you take them home from the vacation they make great shelf souvenirs and mementos. Start collecting and apart from placing them as decoration on shelves you can combine and place them in glass bowls like you would for arranging a centerpiece.

Shelves lined up with plants and flowers make the home more enjoyable instantly. Since plants usually need light, construct glass shelves near a window and place various plants on. You can choose to buy pots in different colors and plant herbs, cherry tomatoes or lemons to use them in your kitchen. Decorative flowers and cacti are also a great way to decorate your living space. The best part is, plants purify the air by producing a lot of oxygen and eliminating CO2 which will enhance the quality of living from many aspects.


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