DIY Photo Wall Hanging Ideas

It is a very exciting time to redecorate your home. There are always trends for decorating. The trend for this year is, no trend. There will be no follow the leader. You are not being told to buy a glue gun and glue flowers on a big summer hat. Though if you want to, you can. What we are telling you is this. Use wood, metal, glass, and fabric. Frame things that never come in a frame. Let your house represent the person you are.

Portraits, Paintings, Snap Shots

Pictures of all kinds are making it to the wall this year. In the photo above, you see three frames used to create a tall together yet separate theme.  There is room in the frames for pictures of your family. Use frames as large or small as you need for your space. This is a unique way to display your family tree.

Oil Paintings

Before people could snap a picture and store it on their phones, families periodically sat for artists who painted their likeness with oil paints. This tradition is returning, but with a twist. You can upload the photo you want to be painted, and master artists will use the photo as the model and paint your portrait in oil. Of course, they can do it in watercolors, chalk, or pencil, depending upon your needs. Also, you can get your photo converted into photo paint by numbers and paint the photo on your own with simple-to-follow instructions. Have you lost a member of the family? They can be painted in your family portrait if you would like. Click here for more information and to check the latest price.

Shading, Shadows, and light

Create a room in shades of gray with accents of black and white. Hang poster-size pictures, framed art, or mirrors. Use track lighting or strings of white lights to display them in warmth. The room remains trendy with shades of gray, but it is kicked into a look of 4-D with the proper lighting. Play with it and get it the way it looks best to you. As you can see, sometimes it is best if the light is focused on the wall and not simply on a painting.

Instagram Gold

We love Instagram. We always get the best pictures on Instagram. Why not display your Instagram photos on a wall hanging in the hall. Prepare 2 or 3 (more if you need them) frames that are nothing except the wooden part. Turn the frames over and glue pieces of hanging ribbon, twine, or rope at different lengths across the frames. Hang them on the wall now print off your favorite Instagram pics and attach them to the twine. Miniature clothespins work great for this. You can hang as many photos as you would like on the twine. You will get a laugh every time you walk past your photo hanging.

Do It Your Way

Tie fabric strips to a wooden hanger to make a pretty wall piece. Cut the fabric to different lengths. Let the fabric form a V or a half-circle.  Mix and match items. Use wooden pieces with words painted on them like “Love” or “Faith”. Then hang family pictures around them. Instead of hanging pictures on the main wall, hang shelves. You can place your framed pictures on the rows of the shelves. Again, your shelves do not have to be the same width. Hang the longest on top, the second-longest in the middle, and the third on the bottom. This adds drama and interest to the room. Place odd things on the shelves between the photos. Add a twig with natural cotton buds. Add seashells or even pretty rocks. Make the shelves mean something to do with the person in the photo.l

It is your family and your home, so it should reflect you as a person. When you have accomplished this talent, your home will be unique and the most popular home in town.

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