Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When Heating Your Pool?

Heating the pool is something you may have to do every once in a while, especially if it is very cold, and the water is unbearable. However, you need to ensure that this is done right to avoid costly mistakes. Most pool owners make mistakes even without knowing that they are doing it. Unfortunately, this may end up destroying the heating equipment, or cause even more damage in the long run. Below are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid. A good Solar pool heating company will also advise on the same.

Using Too Much Chlorine on the Solar Heater Cover

This is one of the most common mistakes most pool owners do when carrying out routine maintenance practices. Your solar blanket does not need excess Chlorine or pool shock. Every time you shock your pool, try to avoid using the cover. The effects that chemicals have on the plastic material can be devastating. In addition to this, make sure that the pH levels are right since lowered levels can also damage the solar cover.

Failing to Protect your Pool Heater

Most people ignore the pool heater because it rarely fails to work as expected. As such, very little attention is paid to it when conducting regular maintenance. Usually, the damage happening to the pool heater is subtle and gradual. It is easy not to notice anything happening until you jump into a cold pool one morning. Make sure to have the water pH levels regulated and maintained correctly since the acidity and alkalinity eats away the copper heat exchangers. When this happens, your pool is likely to be stained. Exposure of some of the heater’s components could also lead to rust, especially if you live in areas where the climate is harsh.

Failing to Consider the Sun’s Power

Solar-powered systems are great for heating pools. They will certainly save you a lot of cash that would otherwise be channeled to paying electric bills. These heaters are safer to use. When considering investing in a pool heating solution, make sure to look at all aspects, including cost implications. Learn as much as you can about the available heating options.

Failing to Service and Maintain your Pool Heater

Pool heaters are great but are often ignored and forgotten when routine maintenance is carried out on the pool. Unfortunately, this is a major mistake that most pool owners make. Even though the pool heater is a resistant tool, it needs to be maintained if it is to serve you for a long time. Letting it wear out through corrosion or ignorance can lead to costly repairs. Having regular checks can help you spot a problem early enough, and allow you to troubleshoot before things get out of hand.

Failing to Program the Automatic Timer

An automatic timer is a solution for all busy pool owners. You may not always remember to do the basic maintenance practices in your pool. However, each time you do, set a timer that gets this done automatically. The point is to ensure that everything works as it should. When water levels and pH levels of the water are maintained at optimal conditions, chances of ruining your heater are reduced. Just make sure that the automatic timer has the right settings, which means that you have to test it first before scheduling anything.

Not Maintaining Good Water Circulation

The pool should have a minimum of 8 hours with the pump on. It is crucial to maintain the water circulation at its best. This avoids a lot of issues, such as clogging of the filters. When the water levels are correct, and the circulation is proper, then the chances of the heater overworking are minimal.

Failing to Use the Solar Heater Cover During the Swim Season

This is yet another often ignored mistake. The pool solar cover should be on even when it is the peak of the swimming season. This will help prevent excessive evaporation, which causes the heater to work twice as hard, hence more costs incurred to run the heater.

If you decide to have a pool heater installed, make sure to avoid some of the common mistakes homeowners make. This is a worthy investment, as long as you protect it by regular maintenance.

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