Do You Need Under 21 Car Rentals in Los Angeles?


Do You Need Under 21 Car Rentals in Los Angeles?

After the end of this pandemic, travel is again at a peak. And with this new freedom, you can explore Los Angeles easily. You must need to rent a car for any trip. But your age can play a major role in stopping you from this enjoyment. There must be a question in your head: am I eligible to rent a car in Los Angeles if I’m under 21’. The answer to your question is yes. Several options are available for renting cars if you’re 21. But here comes additional restrictions and added fees. In this article, you’ll know the procedure and regulations of renting a car in Los Angeles.

Maximum age for renting a car

The maximum age if you want to rent a car is 25. It’s assumed that young drivers are inexperienced. So, it’s a matter of concern to hand over vehicles to young ones. It’s prone to more damage and accidents. Meanwhile, if you’re living in Los Angeles, you’re lucky enough to rent a car even at 20. And enjoy your ride at a young age. 

A few cars rental companies

Living in Los Angeles is a boon in itself. You got several options in well-known companies. Here are a few companies that allow you to rent a car under 21.

  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • Alamo
  • Sixt

Fees for renting a car

You need to simply look at each company’s website for renting fees. Suppose you want to rent a car. If you’re underage, this might be expensive for you. As for young drivers, it’s said that they do not have much experience. They might cause a nuisance. So, the company takes all precautionary measures before renting a car. The renting fees might also vary from person to person. And for one under 21 car rental Los Angeles, it’s pretty expensive. Companies jack up the fees by 20% for young drivers. This is just a precautionary measure. This is to compensate for any losses made by them. Mostly these measures are only for drivers between or under the age of 25-21. To lessen the charges, you can talk to the customer care agent, by the information mentioned on the website. Some owners tend to charge the fee based on your driving experience. 

Requirements for car rent

You must have your documentation ready if you’re thinking of renting a car. And you’re under 25. This becomes mandatory if you’re under 21. You must have a confirmation of your reservation, along with a driving license. The DL shouldn’t have any serious infractions and must be a year old. If your driving license is missing, then you must have a passport and a permit as an international driver. Then you need a debit or credit card, as per the company’s requirement to deposit the required charge. Now you’re good to get a car. Also, check your company website for the documentation information as this varies from company to company. 

How employer information helps you save some bucks 

Before you rent a car, there might be a questionnaire with you. This might help you avail a discount. One is the employee information. Employee information helps you in many ways. Like if you’re working in a reputed company, you might receive some discount. Some can use their official corporate account to get discounts.  

Employee information also helps in under 21 car rental Los Angeles by providing the company with data on their customers and how they are interacting with their services. This data can then help to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Research is a must

One must do proper research before renting any car. This helps you understand the company policy in a better way. And also save you from any kind of fraud. The Series of questions one must know before renting are;

  • Does the company rent to drivers under 21?
  • Does the company rent to drivers under 25?
  • Which company got the lowest fees?
  • Company daily charges?
  • Way of making payment.


It’s possible to get or rent a car under 21 if you’re in Los Angeles. Yet you must follow certain rules and regulations. These rules vary per company. If you want to rent a car with us, you must be our happy customer. As we have several offers for you. We rent cars at great pricing. To know further, you must contact us. 

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