Do You Still Need a TV Aerial in the UK?

Do You Still Need a TV Aerial in the UK_

Excellent TV reception is a must for anyone who has invested in a home entertainment theatre system. There would be no point in purchasing all of the equipment and not using any of it. TV aerials still play a vital role in helping to receive good reception with the channels on your satellite or ordinary TV, but so we need them all the time?

Do we need Digital aerials?

The simple answer is yes. We do need digital aerials if we would like to receive the best uninterrupted signals. You need one with a wideband receiver equipped to block signals that interfere with broadcasting. Analogue aerials cannot stop these signals, and you are likely to experience fussiness or interruptions during your programs. Satellite or cable TV can only work with an aerial and mostly with one placed outside your home to receive terrestrial signals.

Do I need an aerial with a smart TV?

The answer to this is yes and no. Smart TVs come pre-programmed with internet channels for online streaming services that you can easily log in to if you have the TV connected to the internet. If you have no desire to watch regular TV channels available for standard TVs or are not concerned about getting a satellite service, you do not need to connect an aerial to your TV. You can simply plug in the internet cable or connect the TV to the wifi service.

Can you install an aerial by yourself?

If you have a small digital aerial or old-fashioned bunny ears, you can easily install and plug in the aerial. Unfortunately, you might not get the same reception for satellite channels with the newer intelligent TV models. Satellite connections need to be installed on the outside to work. You need to call a professional to install it and preferably someone specializing in aerial services in London.

Outside aerials can be very tricky because they need to face a specific signal to be transmitted. Some areas of your home might not be significant for this at all, and you would only know that if you are a trained professional. Some walls in the house can also be dense and not kind to allow signals to pass through. Aerial specialists know all the best spots to place your aerials because they know where all the signal towers are in your area. Once they have installed your aerial, they are likely to stick around to check if all the channels are playing correctly and not getting any signal. This service also comes with a form of insurance that if the satellite stops working after they have left your home, that they will return and reinstall the connections. It makes it so much easier for you to avoid burning out your cables or missing connections and not watching any TV.

Technology is a long way ahead of us, not needing aerials to receive signals. Even though we are now on a digital platform for transmissions, we still have a connection to reach everyone who is not in the same room, home city, or country. Someday we might not need it, but for now, it’s still best to call the professionals to make sure that we can stay connected.


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