Does Fresh Paint Increase Home Value?


If you are looking to sell your home, it’s likely that you are looking for easy ways to increase its value before putting it on the market. Perhaps you are thinking about doing some minor renovations, adding new light fixtures, or adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior. But is all of that work worth it? Does it really make that much of a difference to your home’s value?

Does Fresh Paint Increase Home Value?

When it comes to painting, a fresh coat on both the interior and exterior of your home can definitely increase the resale value of your property. But before you pop open that can of paint, know that a new paint job will only increase the home value if it’s done right! Below are some tips that you can follow to help your fresh paint increase your home’s value as much as possible.

Why is it important to paint your home before selling?

A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just look nice, it can also tell a potential buyer a lot about your home and how it was taken care of. Fresh, clean walls indicate that your home is taken care of and up to date. They say that your home has been well maintained over the years that you have owned it.

Not only should you consider having painters repaint your home’s interior, but the exterior too. Peeling, chipped, and cracked paint indicate that your home may not have been properly maintained. A freshly painted exterior adds curb appeal which will create a great first impression for a potential buyer. Don’t forget to repair any cracks or damages to the siding or stucco before repainting!

Other benefits of painting your home before you sell includes:

  • Brighten up dark areas of your home
  • Protect walls from dirt and grime
  • Lock-in and seal odors from daily life
  • Give older homes a more modern vibe
  • Cover scratches, scuffs, dings, and dents on your walls

How to choose paint colors that will increase value

For your home’s interior, choose a set of neutral tones. To make small rooms seem larger, choose lighter tones. And don’t forget to think about painting your ceilings!

On the exterior, choose a light neutral color. This can make your home appear larger and increase interest in your listing. Go for gray, gray-beige, or blue-gray tones.

For both the interior and exterior, a good rule of thumb is to pair any color with white trim. This will make your home look crisp and fresh – and gives you the chance to add a pop of color to your front or garage door.

Tips for painting before a sale

Don’t skip the kitchen

When preparing to sell your home, always at least repaint the kitchen. If your kitchen is painted red, green, yellow, or another saturated color, your home’s price can decrease by up to $2000! Buyers like to see neutral colors in their kitchen, so removing any bright colors can increase the potential value. If you really want to impress buyers, one of the most loved styles by buyers is “tuxedo kitchens” – usually marked by dark cabinets and white walls.
All in all, remember that even if you love a certain paint color in your home, that doesn’t necessarily mean a potential buyer will also love that color. Even if you chose your kitchen colors based on the latest trends, it is still much more valuable to return your kitchen to a more neutral color scheme.

Paint over outdated finishes

If your home has outdated wooden cabinetry, baseboard, or banisters, a coat of paint can easily make them look brand new again without having to replace anything. Update these finishes with bright white paint for an inexpensive yet modern look.

Pay special attention to the master bedroom

Does your master bedroom currently feature dark or boldly colored walls? If so, you might want to consider repainting before you sell. Returning your master bedroom to a soft gray or gray beige can help potential buyers envision their own style in the room. As an added bonus, you can replace or repaint the trim in your master bedroom to make the entire room look fresh and clean. Having a neat-looking master bedroom will be a huge plus in the eyes of any potential buyer, so make sure to pay extra attention to this room when repainting your home.

Add light blue or gray to your bathroom

Many people have white paint in their bathrooms, and while this fits in with our advice on keeping things neutral, you might be surprised to know that white can sometimes make a bathroom look too stark. According to some reports, the most popular colors that buyers like to see in bathrooms are light blue and gray. These colors are great choices for a bathroom as they make trim, cabinets, towels, and decor appear crisp against the understated backdrop. Blue and gray are also relaxing colors that can add a calming spa-like feel to your bathroom and make a buyer feel right at home.

Once you have chosen the perfect colors, it is important to make sure that the paint job is properly done in order to maximize added value. In fact, even the right colors can actually detract from your home’s value if the paint job looks shoddy or poorly done! Your potential buyers don’t want to have to redo the paint in every room if they purchase your home, so make sure the job is done right the first time. One of the best ways to ensure your home is painted properly is to hire a professional painting company. As an added bonus, you can also save yourself lots of time and trips to the paint store by hiring a professional.

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