Dog Care 101: How Dog Leashes Can Help Your Furry Friend

Dog Care 101: How Dog Leashes Can Help Your Furry Friend

Some people think that a dog leash only acts as a form of security for our dogs. But the truth is that a dog leash is more than a mere accessory for your adorable pooch. A leash acts like some sort of connection or link between us humans and our dogs. The accessory enhances every moment that we spend with our canine friends. For today’s piece, we will discuss the best picks for a dog leash. We will also point out what makes a dog leash so paramount and iconic.

More Than Just An Item

A dog leash is not just a simple pet item. With the technology and creativity at work, dog leashes have become more like statements than constraining devices. Numerous designs are available out there. You can completely customize your dog’s leash. And as a bonus, did you know you can use your leash and some tricks to capture dog off leash? Amazing, right?

Types Of Leashes

Yes, it is true. There is more than one type of dog leash. Each comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief description of each. 

  • Standard flat head

The standard flat head is one of the basic leashes you can get. It comes with a clasp at the end. Plus, it works pretty decently with most dogs. The standard flat head leash guarantees safety and control. 

  • Bungees and stretchable rubber leash

This type of leash highlights lead stress reduction and pulling difficulties. However, it is not a popular pick among dog trainers and lovers.

  • Gentle leader leashes

A gentle leader leash appears and functions more like a horse harness. It is a lead that you set around your dog’s muzzle. This leash stops dogs from tugging and will redirect their attention to you. Gentle leaders leashes work with science behind them. But it would be best to consider proper training for your dog instead.

  • Harness lead

A harness lead goes around your pooch’s body, teaching the animal not to jump or pull too much. The harness does a great job of protecting your dog’s trachea. However, follow instructions carefully and talk to your manufacturer to avoid improper usage.

  • Slip leads

Slip leads are like your regular flat heads. Only this time, slip heads have a metallic ring at the end. This type of leash is easy to manage and is very comfortable for your dog.

  • Martingale

Martingale leashes are akin to slip leads. The only real difference is that Martingale leashes have extra adjustability. This feature is ideal if you have one of those dogs who have a knack for pulling you around.

The Top Picks – Just For You

Now that we have covered the basics of leashes, it is time for today’s highlight. These are our top leash picks you can find almost anywhere.

  •  Flat Out Adjustable dog leash

This leash is very adjustable and comfortable with most dog breeds. It may be quite pricey, but purchasing it is worth your resources and time.

  • Patroller dog leash

Do you want a leash that screams maneuverability and style? The Patroller dog leash is your ideal choice. The leash is compact, eye-friendly, and easy to carry.

  • Double Track coupler

We agree that having one dog is not enough. So, if you have two dogs, things would be better, right? And if you do have two dogs, what better leash to have than the Track coupler? It boasts a two-dog leash connection that is durable and safe to use.

  • Knot A Hitch

Dogs and camping. Two things in life that spell bliss. And one accessory to help you during your camping trip with your canine pal is the Knot A Hitch. It is a campsite dog-hitching device that is user-friendly. And you won’t have to worry about your dog having a hard time donning such gear.

  • SwitchBak multi-purpose dog leash

Now here is a leash that rocks more than one function. The SwitchBak leash is versatile – it comes with a variety of features and utilities. You won’t have a hard time setting it up, for it has a multi-configuration feature. Talk about fancy and functionality!

The Choice Is Yours

Dozens and dozens of leashes are out there in the market. New ones pop up now and then to keep up with the demand. So, a trip to the pet store to find the best leash might be quite the challenge. You can take your sweet time to look around for the best leash your dog needs. But no matter what you choose, make sure that the leash is easy and does what it intends to do. Don’t go for style. It is better to go for function and utility. And the most important thing to consider is that your dog should be comfortable and happy with your selection.

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