Donating to Charity: How it can motivate your child to be a better person?

Donating to Charity How it can motivate your child to be a better person

Have you ever felt happiness after helping someone in need? If the answer to this is yes, then you know that helping others brings satisfaction to oneself. It, in some sense, makes us feel like we have a purpose in life.

Donating to charity, whether in the form of money or participating in voluntary activities, is one way to help others. Donating to charity is one of the selfless acts that more and more people should participate in. It is for not only uplifting the community but also to fulfill our purpose in life. The act of donating shows that a person cares about others and is not narcissistic.

Children learn from their parents.

When we are young, we learn from our surroundings. Our parents are our primary source of education and learning. There is no denying that education starts from the home. Parents who donate and act with kindness set an example for their children. Children learn a lot from their parents, more than we would like to admit. They copy our actions when we least expect them to. Because of this reason, as parents, we need to set an excellent example for our kids. We can only do so by participating in activities that promote positive attributes.

By participating in donation drives, children learn that there are many ways they can help others. It sets a practical example for them and teaches them ways they can help others.

Offers a wider perspective of the world

Through charity, children learn that there is more to life. It teaches them about characteristics, such as empathy and kindness. In a world torn by war and conflict, it teaches children to empathize with others. In addition to this, children learn about other people and their cultures. Hence, it gives them a wider perspective of the world.

Most of the time, we tend to focus more on developing skills, such as speech, thinking, and analytical capabilities. As parents, we often lose focus on other aspects of a child’s personality.

Because of this, we tend to fail as parents. We need to think of charitable characteristics as a skill that children develop with time. Parents and others must appreciate such skills among children. We need to participate in more activities that lead to positive thinking.

Children also learn from one another. So if one child learns to participate in activities related to donations, they can be an example for others.

Become better leaders of tomorrow

Our children will inherit the world from us one day. They will become leaders of tomorrow. So compassion is one of the attributes that leaders should have. By performing charitable acts, they can learn about the condition of others. Hence, it encourages them to do something about it.

Be more appreciative of their own lives.

Children often take things for granted. By learning about the conditions of other individuals, it makes them more appreciative of their own lives. In addition to this, they become more grateful for their lives and circumstances. Such characteristics are hard to come by.

Being grateful helps children in being more appreciative of the life they have. It promotes positive thinking and allows them to not take things for granted. So they are bound to become responsible individuals. Moreover, they realize that not everyone has the same circumstance. Hence, they will likely grow up with an attitude of uplifting others in their community. Charities such as Yad Ezra Vshulamit focus on such attributes, which one can introduce to their children.


We need to promote charity and acts of kindness in our children. For this, we need to act as leaders and set a positive example for our children. We need to start such activities from an early stage.


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