Don’t Fall Into These Pest Control Mistakes This Winter

Pests can be the bane of our lives, and we all know how difficult it can be to handle a pest problem at home. If you have suffered from pest infestations and annoyances in the past you will already know how relentless they can be, and knowing how to get rid of them properly is a must. 

For any new homeowners who haven’t really experienced pests before, we want to share with you today some of the things you absolutely should avoid. Rookie mistakes can be a big problem when fighting pests and we want to warn you against them today. 

Leaving food open 

It is SO IMPORTANT that you always seal your food properly after using it. Things such as bags of flour or sugar should be closed and ideally stored in airtight containers to avoid the issue of pests. Make sure to never leave things open in your cupboards because pests will always find them. 

Ignoring the signs 

Have you noticed a maggot randomly crawling around your home? Perhaps a mite or two in the pantry? If you have, you should never ignore these signs. The key to good pest control is to react quickly, and if you see a sign and don’t act on it straight away you are only giving the pests time to multiply and do more damage. Make sure that you consider the implications of a pest issue and the risk it poses to your health. Be smart and act quickly. 


When seeing a pest in your home whether it be a mouse, a bug, or a wasp; your first instinct might be to panic. However, panicking about a pest problem is the last thing you should do when treating the problem. Stay calm and think rationally. If the problem is small you may be able to deal with it yourself, and if it is bigger you might want to bring in the professional pest control omaha ne. Don’t worry and don’t flap because this will do nothing for you. 

Not treating it for long enough 

Like with any illness, a course of treatment is put into place for a reason and if you don’t do it for long enough you run the risk of not eradicating it. Consider a mite infestation. If you don’t continue to bleach your kitchen every day for at least a few weeks or a month, eggs can lay and a whole new generation can be born. Be very strategic about your pest control methods and carry on for a while after you think they are gone. 

Ridding but not preventing 

It is important after you have got rid of pests to address the cause and prevent this from happening again. For example if the cause of an infestation was an open dog treat packet in your drawer, you need to ensure that you never leave a packet open again for bugs to eat. Address the source of the problem and prevent it so that you don’t have this issue coming back again and again in the future. 

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