Don’t Make These 6 Bedroom Design Mistakes Everyone Makes

Don’t Make These 6 Bedroom Design Mistakes Everyone MakesWhen you get restful sleep every night, it improves every other aspect of your life. You feel energized, cheerful, and ready to face the day. However, a lot of factors go into having a good night’s sleep. It all starts with your bedroom’s layout. Every single element of that space should add up to a comfortable sleeping environment.

When you’re considering a bedroom makeover or minor upgrades, consider focusing on what works for you. For instance, avoid colors or items that might keep you up at night. With some planning and preparation, you can get the bedroom of your dreams without costly mistakes. 

So, make sure to read this entire article before applying any noteworthy changes to your bedroom. In this article, we’ll cover the six most common bedroom design mistakes.

Don’t Make These 6 Bedroom Design Mistakes

If you’re like us, maybe you’re obsessed with perfecting your favorite room in the house. Yet, there might be some trial-and-error involved with such a task. People often tend to forgo the experts’ advice and think they know better. Soon, they realize the need for a make-over. Often, it might be an urgent one.

So, learn from our past failures and don’t repeat these design mistakes.  With that out of the way, let’s get into the six bedroom design mistakes.

1) Search For a Comfortable Mattress

Most people think that it’s enough for a mattress to look cozy. As if that warrants years of healthy sleep for them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, manufacturers may cut corners, use low-quality materials, and still make a comfortable mattress.

Hence, it’s best to go more in-depth and avoid this bedroom design mistake. In other words, do a more thorough check about the mattress’ durability. The mattress is an essential piece of the whole bedroom design. Therefore, don’t settle for a pacing fancy. Remember that a mattress is almost a permanent addition. It should look nice but also stand the test of time.

Why is a comfortable, durable mattress important? Well, in practice, it’s your first line of defense against awkward sleep positions. In that way, it can protect your back while also preventing snoring. Allana Wass, Certified Sleep Science Coach and the Co-Founder of, says, “High-quality materials play a pivotal role in how comfortable and durable a mattress would be.”

2) Using Too Much or Too Little Light

It’s no secret that lighting makes a world of difference in your bedroom design. Unfortunately, the task of lighting up your bedroom could get quite tricky. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all bedroom lighting, you’ll have to figure it out by experimenting. In general, don’t use too much light when your room is small or medium-sized. On the other hand, don’t use too little light when you have a large bedroom.

Take precise measurements, and it’ll be easier to determine how much lighting you need. Plus, don’t neglect how natural light comes into play. It can make or break your artificial lighting setup as well.

3) Neglecting the Ceiling’s Paint Color

Of all the common bedroom wall color mistakes, the ceiling-related ones take the first place. Even though the ceiling occupies a lot of space, people still tend to neglect it. As a rule, you should pick a color that goes with your furniture. So, the ceiling should match the interior design – not the other way around. Furthermore, stay away from ‘dead’ white because it’s such a buzz killer. Generally, cream paint is a much better fit. On that note, refrain from more intense colors altogether.

4) Consider Each Piece of Furniture Separately and Together With the Others 

The 1980s was the era of enormous, awkwardly colored bedroom furniture. Luckily, nowadays, we’ve recovered from stylistic amnesia. Instead, to gist today is that a bedroom should promote intimacy and relaxation. So, here are some bedroom furniture mistakes to avoid:

  1. Prioritizing style over comfort
  2. Purchasing cheap bedroom furniture
  3. Overmatching styles, colors, and materials
  4. Using too big or too small furniture pieces
  5. Combining several interior design styles
  6. Creating excessive clutter

5) Ignoring the Power of Light and Bright

Bedroom windows are the natural ventilation system of your space. Moreover, they’re a crucial element in your bedroom’s Feng Shui. Shutters, roller shades, and blinders won’t go out of style anytime soon. You can also go for fabric roller shades if you want something affordable. They won’t block the view and succeed in providing a shade when it’s time for sleeping. Also, consider how you can incorporate the natural light with the rest of your place, especially during winter.

6) Cutting Accessories and Artwork

Lastly, remember that accessories and artwork contribute to creating a cozy bedroom. Even a strategically positioned wall clock can add a personal touch to your bedroom. However, try not to go too overboard with such additions. An over-cluttered space can end up looking messy at all times.

Plants can also bring a much-needed visual stimulation to a bedroom. They introduce new colors and pleasant odors. Plus, they often pair well with a picture of a similar tint. So, consider hanging one nearby. 


When it comes to bedroom design mistakes, the biggest challenge is balancing comfort and style. You never want to sacrifice one for the other. Pay attention to the quality of the material, starting with the mattress, the bedding, and all the way to the furniture pieces.

For example, a bedroom rug should be large enough to provide enough padding. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too small so that it exposes the floor. Also, storage units shouldn’t overpower other pieces of furniture. They should minimize clutter and provide ample space for your storage needs.

Furthermore, opt for calming colors for the walls. Intense tones will keep you alert instead of relaxed. Also, consider adding minimal bedroom decoration to the space. Plants, paintings, and small statues contribute to peace of mind. At the same time, they look stylish and never out of place. By following this advice, you’ll turn your bedroom into the oasis of comfort it was always meant to be.

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