Don’t Take Granite for Granted! — Installing Granite Kitchen Benchtops

Don't Take Granite for Granted! — Installing Granite Kitchen Benchtops

Your kitchen is the center of the home for so many occasions, whether it’s cooking, entertaining, gathering, or talking. Since you use it often, you’ll want to choose the best material for your kitchen’s surfaces, especially benchtops. Installing granite benchtops has become popular since it allows for practicality and style. Check out our guide to choosing and installing granite kitchen benchtops!

Why Choose Granite?

When picking the material for your kitchen benchtops, consider what you will be doing in your kitchen most of the time and how it affects your kitchen’s space and structure.

Many choose granite solely because they want their kitchen to have a timeless look. Others choose it because they do a lot of cooking and need benchtops that can withstand heavy-duty use.

Consider what you would do with your benchtops and how it would affect your kitchen experience.


There are many aspects of granite that have contributed to its popularity. Homeowners have praised its strength, endurance, and beauty. Think about why granite kitchen benchtops fit your needs best.

Granite is an extremely tough substance that can resist heat, stains, and scratches. If you place a hot pan on a granite benchtop, you won’t have to worry about your kitchen surfaces sustaining any heat damage since the material can resist heat without becoming weak. These surfaces are also easy to clean with soap and warm water.

Trends change quicker than you will realize. Granite benchtops in your kitchen create a timeless look that will always be elegant and impress guests. If you anticipate selling your current home in the future, these countertops also can increase the home value.


Granite benchtops showcase your kitchen’s style while also being practical. However, problems may arise if they lack proper sealing.

Since granite is porous, it can absorb spilled substances if not properly sealed. Treated granite that goes unsealed will show stains and harbor bacteria.

Selecting a Service

It is essential that the manufacturing and installation of parts of your kitchen go smoothly. You wouldn’t want to find out that your beautiful benchtop installation was not secure. When choosing a service, ensure that you hire the best service for your needs. The quality of your kitchen is dependent on not only the material but also the installation.

Look for established professionals to do the installation for you. Family-run businesses that have been around for decades are more trustworthy than new services. Also, look for services that have had good reputations for a long time. Search for trustworthy services to install your granite kitchen benchtops and make sure they make the process easier for you without cutting corners.

Compare quotes and keep in mind that you get what you pay for when hiring contractors. The cheapest service may cut corners and overlook possible issues such as improperly sealed granite that will accrue damage over the years. Always check the services’ credentials to ensure they adhere to safety guidelines for manufacturing. You want this installation done well the first time so that you won’t have to deal with any issues in the future.

Steer clear of services that emphasize speed rather than quality. Getting your kitchen done fast does not mean efficient installation. Always read reviews and check services’ certifications before signing anything. It never hurts to do more research on the people you will trust with your home.

Bottom Line

Installing granite kitchen benchtops is a popular choice for homeowners because of their aesthetics and practicality. When choosing a service to manufacture and install benchtops in your kitchen, make sure you find a service that will prioritize quality and get the job done well.

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