Door Styles to Try When Giving Your Home a Modern Look

With more time spent at home than ever before, the focus on interior design and all things homely has increased for the majority of people. Social media is awash with accounts dedicated to the house-proud showing handy hints and tips and what the latest door styles are. 

If you have more than a passing interest in what makes a home modern then the chances are you have considered things such as your wall décor, soft furnishings, light fittings, furniture choices and accessories. You might even have gone so far as to consider fireplaces, but what else can instantly update the look of your home? One area that is frequently overlooked are the internal doors you have. Believe it or not, whilst these often go unnoticed in a direct sense, they have more of an impact than you realize and can serve to augment or detract from the surrounding style you are trying to achieve. 

So if you are going for a modern look, these are the types of door styles you can consider in order to achieve this…

Contemporary style

The clue is in the title here really because this style is designed purely to complement a more up-to-date finish. Sleek and stylish, they are often unobtrusive, so they won’t obviously stand out making a statement. A range or materials and colors are often available to match the palette, including a range of woods. 

door styles for a bedroom

Internal glazed doors

One thing most interior designers can agree on if the fact that light is extremely useful in modernising a home. Huge windows, skylights, bi-fold doors, bright and reflective colours are all used in varying degrees to promote brightness throughout a property. A specific type of door can assist this and that is internal glazed doors. Glass panes allow natural light to pass from room to hallway and on into other rooms, giving a lightening effect. There is no need to compromise on privacy either as it is perfectly easy to have doors with frosted glass or other such ways of masking what goes on behind the closed door! Just understand how to hang a door and proceed further.

Colored doors

Many homes have neutrally colored internal doors so as not to bring too much attention to them. One fast way of updating your look not only to be more modern but to also be more dramatic is to have a statement color on your doors. This could be used as an accent with other splashes throughout the space or could tie in with a whole colour scheme that runs throughout – it depends how brave you want to be! 

Unusual-sized doors

Overly wide or tall, double doors, sliding or bifolds – all of these somewhat unusual styles will give your home an interesting and more modern look so why not give them a go? It will certainly allow you to have something a little different to set your house apart from the rest if nothing else. 

Don’t overlook the doors in your home when it comes to updating the look and feel indoors. They have a far greater impact than you realize so getting them right can make a huge difference. And while you’re at it, maybe replace your windows, too!

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