Double Bowl Sink for a Kitchen: The benefits and the considerations

Selecting a kitchen sink tends to be one of the main themes of the entire kitchen renovation exercise. You cannot relax until you feel you’ve made the right choice. Some people believe that finding a sink can be a no-brainer because there are endless choices available on the market. You know that there is an apron front style that can match most of the modern kitchen designs and can also protect your cabinetry from getting ruined. You think stainless steel can add the much-needed sleek look to the entire setup. Then, going with an undermount installation can be best as it can make cleanup easy.

While the choices of material and style can seem straightforward, you would still need to determine whether you want it to be configured in a single bowl or double bowls. Like many others, if you also believe in versatility, then a double kitchen sink can be your perfect companion in the kitchen. This feature has many pros and, therefore, can prove extra useful for your needs and lifestyle. Let’s find out why a double basin sink in the kitchen gets widespread acceptance from the users.

The highlights of a double bowl kitchen sink

  • If you host a party or gathering, you can use one side of it to soak delicate items like champagne glasses and another side for rinsing and drying them.
  • Where more than one cook works in a kitchen, double basins allow them to do cleanup work in one compartment and food preparation in the other.
  • Small homes without dishwashers can find the size and arrangement of the double sink quite user-friendly because it can accommodate dirty dishes in one and allow washing them in the other without creating any mess on the counter.
  • In this option, you get to choose different sizes and shapes. For instance, you can buy two bowls of the same size in 50/50 proportion or one bigger and one smaller compartment in a 60/40 ratio.
  • Since you can choose varying bowl sizes, you can expect them to be highly versatile. In simple terms, you can prep food in one bowl and wash dishes in the other. Or, you can dispose of garbage in the smaller basin and do cleaning work in the other one.

In essence, the dividends of having a sink with double compartments are many. Some companies also offer low divider kitchen sinks to give you a taste of both single bowl and double bowl sink in one. Although everything about this choice is excellent, you can feel a tad disappointed when it doesn’t fit a large pan or wok easily. You can struggle slightly with this cleanup task.

Anyway, it is undeniable that a sink with a double basin system can elevate the performance of any kitchen. So, whether you are all set to give your kitchen a modern, industrial, traditional, classic, or any other look, you can imagine a double sink to be adorning the layout in perfect sync.

Considering the choices in double sink

Stainless steel and natural stone sinks with double basins can look equally gorgeous and attractive as an option. Before picking something on a whim, it’s necessary to realize that the choice of material warrants special attention. Your cooking and cleaning habits can be more suitable for one than the other. So, calculate all the factors ahead to choose the right feature.

Stainless steel

As you are aware, quality stainless steel sinks are a household thing. These come in different gauges and finishes. The thickness of the material depends on the gauge. 16 to 18 gauge steel speaks volumes about its thickness and strength. No matter what gauge you choose, you can find them relatively lightweight, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Quality stainless steel sinks are acoustic too. You usually get them in undermount and top mount options.

Granite composite

Mostly marketed as granite sinks, these kitchen sinks are generally a mixture of granite stone and acrylic resin. But since these possess some traits of a stone material too, you can expect them to give you the best experience of both the forms. Homes choose this type of basin for its unique luxurious appeal and ability to merge with any environment. Plus, these sinks offer greater scratch-, heat-, and stain-resistance due to their treatment in hot temperatures. These can be available in apron front, undermount, and drop-in formats.

Some additional information

Apart from granite and stainless steel, another common sink material is fireclay. After exposure to high temperatures, the blend of clay and glaze creates a fireclay model. The ceramic material imbibes the properties of durability and strength by enduring the heat of the fire. Hence, you can expect them to have resistance to chipping and scratching. The risk of discoloration or color fading is also quite less. Then, the nonporous surface ensures protection against bacterial growth.

Sadly, you don’t usually get double bowls in this option. The possible reason behind this is its heavyweight. So, if you are sure about a double sink, then don’t let your fascination with fireclay overwhelm your decision.  Focus on your ultimate objectives first.

Hence, one thing is evident that if you need to buy a double bowl kitchen sink, then your option can be either stainless steel or stone. Stone sinks with apron front can be expensive, but these can complement any lavish décor with ease. Stainless steel options are comparatively affordable and demand lesser efforts with maintenance. Plus, with them, you don’t have to bother as much about the changing trends. Stainless steel has been trending for fifty years in many fields, of which their utility in residential projects is impossible to ignore.

You can check online retailers and brands for sinks with double basins. It will be easy to glance through all the options in one go. Just make sure you visit only the trusted stores for quality assurance. As far as the varieties go, you will not have any disappointment. The market is replete with diverse options to satisfy customer needs.

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