Dressing for Winter in the Country

Dressing for Winter in the Country

Winter in the countryside isn’t the same as winter in a big city, or even in the suburbs. In the city, even when it’s cold and wet, the paths are well gritted, there’s no mud, and there are plenty of places to find shelter. Tall buildings also offer protection from winds, and busy streets lined with shoppers and tourists mean extra warmth. It requires dressing for winter differently to ensure you stay safe and warm.

In the countryside, things couldn’t be more different. It’s muddy, cold, and windy. There are wide-open spaces that offer no protection, and you can easily walk for miles without seeing another person. You certainly wouldn’t want to go for a walk in your best jeans or nice shoes in the country. You need protection, grip, and waterproof layers.

But it’s worth it. Winter, and especially Christmas in the countryside, is magical. The scenery is beautiful, the leaves crunch under your feet, and it even smells nice. Winter in the countryside pleases all of your senses, and there’s always plenty to do and see. Being in the county is also much less stressful and more peaceful than the holidays in a big city.

Whether you are a permanent city dweller or just visiting during the season, here are some tips for dressing for winter in the country.

Be Prepared

The thing with winter in the country is, it can change quickly. One day might be fairly mild, and the next freezing. It might look like it’s going to be bright and warm when you get up in the morning, but if a heavy cloud blows in, the temperature can drop suddenly.

So, if you want to enjoy a day outdoors, you need to be prepared. Check the weather forecast every morning, and look ahead for the rest of the day. But, still, be prepared for things to change, making sure if you are far away from home you have waterproofs to hand.

Get Your Shoes Right

The right shoes are essential in the winter, especially when you are in the muddy countryside or preparing for snow and ice. Shop here for some great options, including waterproof leather boots, trendy trainers, and more glamorous footwear.

Layer Up

Dressing for winter requires layering to be warmer, as your thin layers trap warm air more efficiently than one thicker layer. But, it also means that you’ve got options. Walking in the countryside can be challenging as you face uneven terrain, rough surfaces, and steep inclines. You can get hot quickly, so taking a layer off quickly can keep you comfortable and help you regulate your body temperature.

Prioritize Your Base Layer

When wearing layers, your base layer is perhaps the most important. This is the layer that sits next to your skin, trapping body heat and protecting your skin from harsh winds and weather. A vest, or long sleeve t-shirt, and tights or long socks can work well.

Embrace Country Vibes

The countryside is beautiful, and many of its themes are often included in winter fashions. Embrace this with nature themes, woodland prints, and rich, deep colors.

Invest in Quality Materials

The materials that you wear are more important in the wintertime. They should be soft and comfortable, but also durable and protective. Waterproof shoes and coats are worth investing in, as they offer you the most protection, but you’ll also want to make sure knitwear and base layers are made of high-quality materials that will keep you warm and dry.

Get a Waterproof Bag

If you are spending a day away from home, you’ll need a waterproof bag to carry layers and water to help you stay hydrated. You might think that you need to drink less in the winter, but when your body is working hard to keep warm, you can become dehydrated quickly.


Hats, scarves, and gloves are the ultimate in winter accessories. They look fantastic, they can add some fun to your outfits, and they’ll keep you warm, offering extra protection from the elements.

Find a Hat-Proof Hairstyle

We lose most of our body heat through our heads, so hats are essential. But, you won’t want to wear your hat indoors, so practicing a few hat-proof hairstyles can be a good idea.

Pack Your Sunglasses

Winter in the country can actually be surprisingly bright. The sun is much lower than it is in the summer, so on those brighter days, it might be right on the horizon, in your eye line. This can make it hard to see and be dangerous if you are driving. Make sure you’ve got some Oakley sunglasses with you on brighter days, even if it’s cold or snowing.

Never Forget Your Gloves

Your hands can quickly get cold in lower temperatures, and when you are out in the country, there are fewer opportunities to pop indoors to warm up. Make sure you’ve got gloves in your pocket to protect your hands, keep your blood circulating and your skin soft.

Add Splashes of Color

Winter clothing doesn’t have to be boring, even in the country. Add some color with your accessories, or be bold with a bright coat or patterned wellies. A fun umbrella is another great way to add a pop of color to your clothes.

Colorful jumpers can look great with jeans or black leggings, and thick colored tights are a fantastic way to cheer up a thick, sensible dress. If you are looking for something more subtle, add color to your makeup or jewelry, and consider prints on your clothing instead of block color.

Watch Out for Drafts

A little wind getting in through a gap in your coat or a hole in your boots can make you uncomfortable and cold. If you spot a draft, make sure it’s covered up before you head outdoors.

With the right preparation and protection by dressing for winter, there’s plenty to enjoy during the cold months in the country. Relish long wintery walks, being out in nature, and escaping the stress of modern cities. As long as you are well wrapped up, you’ll have a great season, avoiding coughs, colds and other bugs, as well as slips in the mud or snow.

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