Easy Musical Instruments You Can Learn

Easy Musical Instruments You Can Learn

Music is remarkable. Some would regard it as the essence of life given the beauty present within the tunes, it makes us feel strong and confident. The best thing about music, in general, is the versatility at hand. Playing an instrument is a wonderful way to express oneself through sound. Music may help children and adults develop discipline, enhance cognitive function, and improve motor-skill coordination, find an instrument here.

We have different types of instruments from the guitar to piano, drums, trumpets, flutes and so many more. After that, we have genres such as pop, hip hop, and rock, etc proving that there is no lacking within the field.

Music is subjective and it might depend on one’s own taste and perception as to what genre or artist they like listening to. We all have our personal favorites and whilst listening to songs we often hum or sing along that arises a temptation to replicate. Many people feel the same way truly which is why you can always buy the instrument of your liking and fulfill your passion for music.

The problem is that any musical instrument is not easy to play and the basics alone are very hard to learn let alone learning to play the song of your choice. This is why artists are rare but do not lose hope as with practice you can learn and even master some instruments that are perhaps easier to start with. Let us explore what instruments might suit you best


The Guitar is the most popular music instrument however it takes time to get into, however, a Ukulele can be considered as a mini guitar that is way more portable and easier to learn. The best part is that it is inexpensive when compared to the standard guitar and is easily accessible. It does not sound exactly like a guitar and also has a few alterations made to it.

The Ukulele has 4 strings when compared to a guitar’s 6 and uses nylon strings. The chords are not exactly the same but again, the Ukulele is very much easier to learn when in line with the guitar with the basics being much simpler to get hold of. Lastly, the Ukulele can play almost any song so it is an amazing option if you want to learn an instrument


This might sound absurd at first but the Piano is not really hard to learn. Yes, the keys seem very complicated and it feels that the notes are very hard to coordinate. The best thing about learning the Piano is the universal notes meaning that if you want to play an instrument such as the violin in the future then you will not face many difficulties.

The Piano collectively makes you a better musician because it will give you practice with respect to reading from the notes therefore, your foundations as a musician shall grow. Playing the Piano is an art, it requires practice yes but what does not? It has intellectual benefits as well such as confidence and helps sharpen your memory. Lastly, it is beautiful: to play and hear.


The Harmonica is a jolly instrument that happens to be very fun to play. It is one of the easiest instruments to learn but before we get into detail you need to know that the first few days of practice will not be easy. The harmonica requires some power and control over your breathing because you are consistently occupied while playing a song and the beginners tend to get tired very quickly. However, it is not a very big concern because with practice your stamina is most likely to increase over weeks.

Playing the harmonica is all about having control. The power lies within your mouth and at times you will have to go high and low so good endurance is a must. Generally, it is easy to play so you can try learning the pucker method at first for ease. The versatility and compactness of the instrument are phenomenal. You can literally carry it in your pocket and play jazz, blues, tunes, and even rock.


The guitar is not the easiest instrument to learn but it is also not as hard as the world makes it seem out to be. It is without a doubt the most popular instrument in the world and everyone wants to hold a guitar at least once in their lives. It is absolutely essential in music as no good song can be produced without a guitar. Not only that but you can make solo songs on a guitar or better known as acoustics. Guitar’s come in different types with various strings such as nylon or steel, then you have a standard guitar, a student guitar, and the rocky electric guitar.

If you are a beginner who has plans to buy a guitar then we prefer opting for nylon strings due to the hardness of the steel strings that might hurt your fingers especially if you have sensitive hands. It is also best that you first purchase a beginner or a student guitar because of the certain change in characteristics. Guitar’s are complicated at the start but you get the hang of it by time with practice.

It is not very hard to learn but at the same time, it also is not extremely easy to learn. The first few days will be hard because it takes to build up muscle memory with respect to the chords and also because your fingers and wrist will suffer a bit but you evolve through the process eventually.


Drums give the image of an exceptionally fun instrument to play and there’s most definitely truth to that. Learning drums can prove to be a bit challenging but don’t worry, it is after all learnable like every other instrument. The process of practicing with Conga drums is quite intriguing because you have to make good use of not only your hands at a decent speed but your legs as well so coordinating them can be agitating but the outcome is fruitful once you have learned. As you might have guessed these drums create the distinct bead used in Conga lessons for dance.

Playing drums is not physically easy, you must remember because your hands and legs are in constant action so you can get exhausted early. It is also recommended that you hire a teacher and enable yourself to receive private drums lessons as solo teaching can help you learn quickly.

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