Easy Tricks to Make Moving Process Effortless

All these years, you might have been saving money to pay the mortgage. The feeling of having your own house is way beyond words. Even if you live in a leased house, you will have to move out at some point. A well decorated, comfortable, and cozy home is always on every woman’s list. They spend their days thinking about the ideas to decorate their bedrooms and lounge. Buying stuff to decorate and make your home representable is exciting, but if we reverse it to packing all the things, your smile and excitement will vanish. Decorating a house is mostly a happy experience for many but packing, and moving is stressful for everyone. 

Easy Tricks to Make Moving Process Effortless

People find packing and moving stressful by picking everything off their spots and placing them in several boxes. It might not have been that stressful if it did not entail the unpacking and placing the same stuff again at a new place. From emptying your kitchen to putting all your clothes in a box, is indeed a tiring process. As far as you have boxes for everything, the packing does not appear impossible, but when you turn your head towards your furniture, your worries will get doubled. 

Our first search is to look for a moving company to help we decide to move. They charge as per the weight and trips they might make to drop your stuff to a new place. Furniture and other heavy stuff that you may not need instantly need someplace to store. If your new house is somewhere in Shreveport, Louisiana, you can rent out storage units in Shreveport, LA, to keep your furniture and other big appliances for as long as you need. With the heavy furniture stored in a storage unit, here are the tricks that will make your house moving more relaxed and comfortable. 

Have an inventory

As much as you are worried about where to start and what item to pack, make a list of every household item you have. List out things separately for each room. Making a checklist makes it easy to sort things that are needed and that you can give away. It will also let you identify what you might want to keep in a hand carry bag as your valuables. With a list in hand, you can not only pack things easily, but it can also let you check if your movers have loaded every box in their truck.
Save money on boxes

When you are moving out, you will need extra money for little things. Instead of emptying your wallet on buying new packing boxes, search for free packages. You can gather these open containers at your local recycling drop-off. You can also ask your local shop to lend you nay boxes if they have. You can find plenty of packages at your recycling drop-off or request in your local community groups if someone has moved recently and had moving boxes available. Once you will move and unpack your belongings, chances are you will be tossing off those empty boxes at some recycling drop-off. Instead of spending your hard-earned money buying new cardboard boxes, save some for other use. 

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Visit moving companies

You cannot fit in all your containers in your car unless you are willing to spend a whole day taking and dropping stuff and spending money on fuel. Look for the moving companies in your locality and try to visit each one of them. Ask them about their charges and moving protocols. Obtain quotes from at least three moving companies and compare the benefits that they are providing. Look for the one that offers your desired services without putting a strain on your moving budget. 

Pack in all sizes

If you are gathering boxes, do not stick to one particular size of the box. be it small or large, be open to accepting any size; you never know what object you can fit in it. Do not go for oversized boxes but have small and medium boxes as much as you can get. The medium size boxes can be a good fit for your wardrobe clothes and or even pottery. You can place the stuff from your drawers in the small boxes after packing them in a labeled plastic bag. Labeling each box while you are packing your property will make it easy to find when you need it. If you happen to have large-sized boxes, act smartly, and reduce the number of packages to save some moving charges by placing two medium-sized boxes in one large container.

One room at a time

While you are packing your house in multiple boxes, remember that you will be the one to unbox them after shifting to your new home. Do not throw or dump things randomly in any container you see. Instead, adopt one room at a time approach, and fix one package for every room. It will make it easy to unbox and find all the stuff in one, instead of opening all to find the missing pieces. 


While packing your house, the last thing you will want is unwanted stress by looking out for items that you have placed somewhere else. Packing is an art, but it does not have to be complicated. If you want to make your packing easy, you can watch free video tutorials, guiding you about the packing techniques. Do not postpone for the eleventh hour to pack every belonging you have. With your moving date marked on your calendar, you can start packing a bit early to save your last days and avoid inevitable stress. Try to pack everything slowly and gradually to keep your moving day free of any packing panic.

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