Eco-Friendly Renovations You Can Make in Your Home

Renovating your home may seem like a hard task that requires a lot of effort and money, especially if you want to apply the latest trends. Luckily, eco-friendly homes are now trending and there’s nothing better than renovating your home without harming the environment or breaking your budget. Nowadays, there are many ways to have an environmentally friendly home, you only have to pick the ones that suit you and can be applied in your home.

Ways to Have an Eco-friendly Home

Eco-Friendly Glass

When planning to renovate your home with recycled and green products, the first thing you should do is change your windows. You will be able to find many suppliers who sell bio-glass. It’s recycled glass that looks just like regular glass, but 100% eco-friendly. Using recycled glass for your windows costs less than getting new glass. In addition to that, while being composed, recycled glass produces 20% less air pollution than new glass and 50% less water pollution.


There are endless options when it comes to eco-friendly floors from wood to cement, and you can choose whatever matches your taste. Whether you’re looking to change the kitchen’s floors or your bedroom, you will find many options that you can apply without harming the environment. The flooring professionals at, claim that eco-friendly cement lowers CO2 emissions during production and it’s incredibly hard-wearing. If you’re looking to create those smooth, cloudy flooring texture with high-quality finishes, you can easily do that by applying eco-friendly cement. You will also have the ability to change its color based on your preference.


If you’re willing to change the color or the design of your walls, you’ll need to choose low or no VOC paints. Regular paints have harmful chemicals that evaporate into the atmosphere. That’s why eco-friendly paint is now recommended over traditional ones. It has all the same features, such as color, durability, and coverage, but without all the toxic components.


If you’re considering changing your air conditioners, washing machines, or any major appliances in your home while renovating, consider those that save energy. Energy-efficient appliances will also save the environment and in the long run, it could save you money.

Solar Panels

There’s no doubt that the sun is a powerful energy source, and using this energy through solar panels could have major positive impacts on the planet. Many people claim that solar panels are expensive and inefficient, but that’s simply not true. Several studies show that using the sun’s energy is extremely beneficial and there’s nothing greener than going solar. Solar panels will transfer the sun’s energy into electricity, which will automatically reduce your energy bill as you will no longer use other ways to generate electricity. Solar energy systems can be applied anywhere, it is preferred, however, to be used in places where it can collect enough of the sun’s energy. Check with a professional to know whether your location will be ideal for solar panels or not.

Recycled Water

Hundreds, maybe thousands of liters of rainwater fall on your house each year and you can take advantage of that. You can collect rainwater and use it to flush toilets, water your gardens, fill washing machines, and many other things. Many products in the market can help you with this process, filter the water, and store the rest in a tank.


When looking for ways to save water and energy, consider changing your toilets and showers. Studies found that 27% of household water is used in toilets, so it’s preferable to install an efficient water and plumbing system. You can go with low-flush toilets that use less than four liters per flush instead of regular flushes that use 13 liters per flush. You can also change the shower and sink faucets with low-flow ones to save more water.


Insulating your home will create a healthier environment inside your home, reduce your energy bills, and impact the environment. Adding insulation regulates the temperature, in winter your home will be warm and in summer it will be cool, which will reduce the use of air conditioners and heaters.

Don’t Replace

If your kitchen cabinets have lost their sparkle but the wood is still in good shape, don’t throw them away. You don’t need to purchase new expensive cabinets to replace your old ones, you only need to install wallpaper on them or repaint them. The good news is, you can do this all by yourself. Repainting your cabinets and closets instead of buying brand new cabinets, will save you a lot of money and save the environment.

Recycled Surface

If you’re renovating your kitchen and you’re looking for eco-friendly ideas, consider installing recycled surfaces. There are a lot of manufacturers who offer functional worktops made from recycled concrete or glass. You can also find porcelain tiles made from old TV screens or car windscreens. There are many options when you’re looking for recycled countertops and other surfaces, you just have to choose the one that fits your style.


Around 15% of the domestic energy bill comes from artificial lighting. However, you can easily reduce that percentage by switching to LED lights. LED lights will reduce your energy bill because they don’t waste energy as heat and can last up to 22 years. This is a great option for those living in apartments for rent in jersey city who can’t make other eco-friendly changes to their homes due to rent agreements made by their landlords that might keep them from changing out appliances and the like.

Pre-owned Items

When you’re decorating, you don’t have to buy the newest and shiniest items. You can go with antiques and secondhand products that are still in good shape. Having antiques will give a classy and rustic look inside your home.

Living a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard, you only need to consider the impact of the material you’re buying on the environment and whether you actually need them or not. That way, you’ll always think of solutions to protect the planet from unnecessary toxins and chemicals. Using recycled products also helps the environment as the recycling process doesn’t produce as much air and water pollution as buying brand new products. Recycling is a major aspect when you’re considering an eco-friendly home, you have to think of ways to use old things so you can reduce waste.

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