Elevate Artwork in Your Home with These Techniques

Art on its own doesn’t always give your home the look you want. Although it might look good, you can make it look even better with a few tricks. It’s not just your choice of art that makes a difference. The way you choose to display your art matters too, and you can do a lot just by positioning different pieces in certain ways. From framing your artwork to building collections of different pieces, you can elevate your art using a range of techniques. Check out these tricks for making your art look incredible in your home.

Frame It

The way you frame a piece of art can make a huge difference. A simple poster can suddenly look a lot more sophisticated if you put it in a frame. But you can’t just put any artwork in any frame. You should carefully consider which frame will suit a particular piece. Turning to professional framers like Artware can make this easier to do. Custom frames are better than trying to slip any art into any frame. You can make sure it’s a perfect fit, as well as the right shape, color and material to work for that particular piece of artwork.

Create Galleries and Collections

Single pieces of artwork don’t have to stand on their own. In fact, they can be much better when grouped with other pieces of art. There are a few different ways to do this to create beautiful galleries and collections. You can group framed artwork together on your walls, choosing certain colors or perhaps particular theme. You can also group other artwork, such as statues, vases and glassware. Mix in flowers and plants too if you want to add a natural element to your art collection. You can try different colors, sizes and textures to see what works out.

Use Different Levels

You have lots of space and different levels to play with. You don’t have to simply put things in a straight line or all at the same height. You can use your floor, different surfaces and even your ceiling. Of course, different types of art are suitable for using in different ways. You probably don’t want to hang any artwork too low down, but you can stand some larger sculptures or other items on the floor. You can use shelves to place non-framed art at different levels, as well as tables, mantelpieces and other surfaces.

Practice with Composition

Don’t be afraid to experiment with how you display your art. Try moving it about and testing things out to see what works best. You can experiment with where you put it and what other art you group it with. You might want to try various contrasting colors of walls and furniture. You can experiment with how much space is around a framed piece of art. Do you want it to fit perfectly into an available space or have plenty of space around it for emphasis?

Trying out a few different things can help you elevate your art in your home. There are lots of ways to style art to improve your decor.

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