Energy Efficient Ideas For The Home This Winter

Now that the summer’s over and winter is just around the corner, the time has come for many of us to switch on the heating for the first time in six months. As soon as the weather starts to decline we spend a lot more time in the house, and when time is spent in the house, so is energy. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay more energy efficient in the colder seasons and to make sure that you are able to keep things cheap to run.

Light it up naturally

Light will be a massive asset to you now that the winter is setting in because the days are becoming shorter and the sun sets much quicker in the evenings than it did before. Make sure you add plenty of natural light into your home such as with Hartford Windows around the space to make it feel bright, spacious and a happier place overall. It will save you turning on the lights throughout the day too and save energy.

Swap out for battery power

One of the ways to save some energy which you might not have thought about doing before is actually to swap out your regular lights for battery powered ones. In the evenings for example, instead of turning on the lamp, you can simply hang up some battery powered fairy lights and also light some candles to go alongside it. This will not only make the space feel more cosy and warm during the winter but it doesn’t use an electricity at all!

Use solar panels

Solar panels have long been one of the biggest developments in renewable energy and it is really something worth investing in for your own home. When you install solar panels they will generate energy which will work alongside your electricity supply and can power appliances in the house for free. What’s more is that the government will usually pay people to have solar panels in exchange for some of the energy so this could be an ideal way to save money and make some cash at the same time.

Have shorter showers

Now we know his much you can look forward to a long hot shower after a cold day, and we understand that sometimes nothing but a long hot shower will do, however for the most part, try to keep it short. Water costs a lot of money, and hot water costs even more because you have to heat it up in the boiler first. Make sure you don’t take too long in the shower during the day and this will allow you to save a bit of money on your water and your energy.

Turn off the tap!

Never leave the tap running when you are brushing your teeth! Water is a resource which many of us use too much of and it can cost a hell of a lot of money if you spend a huge amount of water each and every day. To avoid unnecessary water use you can turn off the tap as you brush your teeth, don’t waste water on a full washing up bowl unless you need it, and get a water butt for the garden so that you can use rainwater to water the plants. All of these things will save you a pretty penny and make it much easier to survive this winter.

Wrap up warm

When the house is a bit chilly it is incredibly tempting for you to cut your losses and crack the heating up a couple of degrees to warm up, but this can cost you a lot of money and it really isn’t necessary a lot of the time. Before you decide on switching the heating on why not try to dress warm first. You can wear a jumper, hoodie, chunky cardigan and fleece bottoms to keep yourself feeling toasty and if it still doesn’t work, then you can put the heating on for a little while. Make sure you also make the most of the radiators by placing a hoodie or jumper on there to make it nice and toasty in time for you to wear it later.

Burn some candles

Candles are the best thing you can buy for the house during the autumn and winter because they not only provide you with a soft light to save energy on a lamp, but they provide heat into the room to save on heating and they smell amazing which makes the house feel warm and snuggly. Candles can come in all shapes and sizes and you can do with having a couple in the living room and maybe one or two in different parts of the house to spread the warmth and scent.

Insulate the walls

If you don’t have cavity wall insulation already, now is the time to get it done ready for the colder seasons. You can insulate the walls, ceilings and floors if you want to and all of these things will prevent heat from escaping out of the house and will allow the home to stay warm without using so much energy for it. It doesn’t cost too much and it will save you so much money in the long term that it is well worth investing in it this month.

Motion sensing lights

If you always seem to find lights being left on in the house by members of the family you will know it is annoying and that it costs you Milner at the end of the month. To solve this problem and to make things much easier for everyone in the house, you can install motion sensing lights into certain parts of the house. The best places to do this would be the bathroom and the corridors in the home because these places get more traffic and the lights can turn off when there is no one moving around. It really is a genius idea to bring into the home and it can gave you a huge sum in the long term.

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