Enjoy A Family Vacation For Less This Summer

26% of Americans say that they won’t be taking their family on vacation this year. Meanwhile, a further 22% say that they’re still debating whether to go away or not. Why is this the case? A whopping 60% of individuals who’ll be staying put this summer say it’s because they simply can’t afford a vacation. However, a family vacation is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and make memories. So, is there a way to cut the cost of your summer vacation without breaking the bank?

Book a last minute deal

The average vacation currently costs $1,145 per person, so if you’re a family of four you’ll need to set aside the best part of $5000 for your trip. But by booking a last minute deal, you can cut the cost of this by as much as 60%. According to Forbes, if you book a last minute deal via a site which doesn’t reveal the name of the hotel you’ll be staying in until after you’ve booked, you’ll save hundreds. However, you’ll need to act quickly to bag the best deal. As such, having access to immediate funds is a necessity. By borrowing funds with desirable repayment terms, you can be sure that all your family will enjoy a great break for less.

Be flexible with your dates

As fewer people travel mid-week, flight tickets on these days are typically cheaper than at other times of the week. But ticket prices can drop on any day if the flight carrier needs to fill their seats. CNBC advises that one of their reporters saved almost $100 on a single ticket just by flying a day later than originally planned. So, before you confirm your booking, check out the flight prices on the days leading up to and immediately after your planned departure date.

Avoid costly days out

One of American’s favorite places to travel to is Spain. When you’re on vacation in a new country, it can be tempting to book multiple excursions. However, with museums in Spain and other main tourist destinations typically costing between $3 and $15 per person and glass bottom boat tours charging upwards of $15 per person, the cost soon adds up. To keep your vacation costs to a minimum, embrace the onsite facilities at your hotel, spend fun-filled days at the beach, and explore the country on foot.

There’s no need to forgo your family’s summer vacation altogether this year if cost alone is putting you off. There are some great deals to be had if you hunt around for them and you can save a small fortune by cutting out optional extras from your trip.

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