Essential Air Conditioning Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Home Cool

Essential Air Conditioning Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Home Cool

Crucial Air Conditioning Tips to Maintain Your Home Comfort

The summer period can turn out to be a disaster if you have a non-functioning air conditioner. Furthermore, if your air conditioner struggles to keep up with the weather’s pace, it can leave you with escalated energy bills. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure that you have a stress-free summertime.

Clean the external part of the unit

Many people are always keen to clean up the interior of an AC unit and tend to ignore the exterior components. Ensure that you regularly clean the outer part of the unit and eradicate any debris or dust that may prevent it from functioning efficiently and effectively. Contact your HVAC unit repair and maintenance company to learn how to clean and maintain your air conditioning unit.

Seek the services of an HVAC technician

Before summer, make sure that you contact an HVAC technician to inspect your AC unit and perform maintenance services. Through this, you will be able to save on future regular maintenance and, at the same time, ensure that your machine is functioning efficiently. Remember always to contact a qualified and certified technician to inspect your air conditioner before summer kicks in. The average inspection cost ranges from $70 to $100, and it will help you save more in the future.

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Install smart thermostats

Generally, you will always not be around to change your thermostats’ settings when the temperature changes. Hence, programmable or smart thermostats are ideal to ensure that your AC unit is controlled, whether you are at home or not.

Equipping your home with a programmable or smart thermostat will give you total control over your AC unit. With a smart thermostat, you can save more than $30 monthly, as it will save you the hassle of setting the thermostat manually.

Put the exterior AC Unit in the shade

Where you place your AC unit can have a significant impact on its efficiency and operation. Establishing your AC unit in the shade can save you hundreds of dollars since proper shading reduces AC Unit breaks down and ensures it operates efficiently. Furthermore, it provides a more relaxed air environment that gives it an easier time when cooling your apartment.

Place your thermostat away from the heat

Avoid placing your thermostat near the Tv sets or fridge since they generate heat, making the thermostat run longer than required. Ensure that your conditioner is in a location where the sun does not hit it directly to enhance its efficiency.

Change the filters

Inspect the air filters and replace and clean them when the need arises. It is good to change the filter after every two or one months to protect your AC unit. Regular inspection will prevent dust from accumulating in your filters, as clogged filters reduce the unit’s efficiency. Furthermore, it will make the AC Unit to operate harder, leaving you with escalating energy bills. A good inspection will save you time and money that you will use during repair services.

Install window film

Window films are essential components for both winter and summer. They keep your home warm during winter by absorbing warmth and keep your home cool during summer by reflecting sun hit away from your home. Thus, equipping your home with window films will protect the AC unit from overworking, saving you money.

Equip your home with fans

Equip your home with fans as they are cheap to maintain compared to AC units. You can install the rooms you do not use with fans to save on cost. For efficiency, ensure that the fans move anticlockwise, pushing the air down to keep your home cool.

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Install new AC unit modes

New AC models tend to be costly compared to older models. However, although they are expensive, they tend to be reliable and efficient compared to older versions. Most new models have an energy-saving design that enables you to use less energy, which leads to monthly savings.

Seal all vents

Sealing all vents ensures that there is no air entering or exiting the AC compressor. Remember to fill all gaps present on your windows and doors to ensure that your AC functions appropriately.

Equip your home with shades and blinds

Windows allow an approximate of 20% of summer heat. Installing quality blinds and shades block the heat entering your home, reducing your AC unit’s work.

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