Essential Items To Support Your Aging Dog

You may be worried about getting older and less agile, but your dog certainly doesn’t care about the grey hairs popping up on his head. However, you have to take care of all of your dog’s needs throughout their life, especially when they are a senior dog with a greying muzzle. As your dog ages, you may need to look into different products that will support their changing needs. Check out these six essential items that you should definitely purchase when your dog is living in their golden years.

Orthopedic Bed

Our pups can experience creaky joints and achy muscles just the same as us. Just like we want to lie down on a comfortable mattress, your dog does, too! An orthopedic bed will give your best friend the support he needs to get the rest he is searching for in his senior years. Orthopedic dog beds are typically 100% washable, making them easy to maintain for years to come. It’s also a good idea to look for a bed that is water-resistant, in case your elderly dog has frequent accidents. Visit The Pampered Pup to guide you in the grey areas of selection a dog bed.

Dental Care Kit

It’s important to continue to maintain good dental care for your dog, even when they are older. Look for a dental kit that includes a toothpaste that is specifically made for dogs, a plaque remover, and a toothbrush. Check out the two-sided toothbrushes developed specifically for dogs. You can also purchase a bottle of tartar remover, a product that can be added to your pet’s water dish.

Your dog should also have chew toys available, as they can help to massage their gums while keeping their teeth clean. Additionally, a visit to your vet for annual dental check-ups and teeth cleanings when your dog is older is also recommended.

Non-Slip Rugs

A big challenge for senior dogs is trying to navigate slippery floors. The struggle of trying to constantly walk on a slippery surface can seriously impact your dog’s quality of life, and a slippery floor can increase the chances of them getting hurt. Non-slip rugs can easily solve this problem. Non-slip rugs are fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain. The mobility of your older dog will increase when they know they can easily get up from the floor and move without slipping or falling. Plus, you can easily pick the rugs up and wash them when they get dirty.

Stairs and Ramp

Has your dog always jumped up and down from your couch or bed but now can’t maneuver as easily since they got older? Consider purchasing detachable stairs to help them out. Stairs are a great choice for dogs who are still able to climb stairs but can’t make the leap to a sofa. Most are portable and can be moved around. You can also buy a ramp to use when you are trying to load your pet into the car. A ramp allows them to get in and out of your vehicle easily without having to hop in and land on sore joints.

Extra Protection for Extreme Climates

Our elderly dogs can get cold easily, just like many human seniors do. On the flip side, they can also overheat easier. Always make sure you have extra protection for extreme climates when your dog gets older. This may mean warming pads for under their beds in the winter, a comfortable doggy jacket or sweater to brave the cold temperatures when they need to go outside, and warm booties for their feet to keep the snow and ice away. When it is hot out, make sure your senior has plenty of shade and fresh, cold water.

Remember, never leave your dog locked up in a hot car, no matter how quick you may be in the store. You should also never leave your dog outside alone in extreme cold. They may get distracted without you around and develop frostbite before they realize they need to come in.

Dog Supplements

Dog supplements are a good idea for a senior dog. You’ll want to first check with your vet to find out just what they recommend for your particular breed. However, Glucosamine with Chondroitin Sulfate is an excellent choice for dogs that are dealing with joint pain. This supplement is an anti-inflammatory that can help your senior pooch feel better and become more active. To learn more about supplements that can help your aging pal with their pain, check out Modern Dog Magazine. Probiotics are another supplement recommended by vets. Probiotics can boost the immune system of your dog, which can then strengthen his defenses against issues like auto-immune disease and infections. Remember, your senior dog should also be eating a high-quality diet that helps keep them at a healthy weight.

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