Essential Life Skills to Teach your Children

Essential Life Skills to Teach your Children

Mother Nature is very precise and we are all the result of many thousands of generations and have a very strong immune system; as a parent, it is our job to prepare our offspring for life as an adult, as well as providing shelter, support, and a good education. There are certain life skills that every human being should acquire, which we outline below.

Learn how to swim

Thanks to affordable swimming classes for kids in Melbourne, you can rest assured that your children can handle a sudden emergency water situation. The earlier you introduce your kids to water, the better and by the time they reach their early teens, they can swim very well and could certainly swim a fair distance. You only have to look at drowning statistics to understand the importance of teaching children how to swim and more importantly, to feel comfortable in water.


We are certainly living in troubled times and when your son or daughter reaches their early teens, why not introduce them to mixed martial arts? A local MMA gym would have classes for kids of all ages and who knows, they might even go on to perform as a pro! Knowing how to defend yourself could save your life if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Boxing is enjoying a grassroots revival and girls are playing a big role in amateur boxing, which teaches discipline and fair play.

Road sense

A small motorcycle on private land will teach your kids to control a bike, but you can start at an early age by getting your child interested in driving, helping them to understand the physics behind wearing seatbelts and why we always need to wear them. Crossing the street needs to become second nature; looking both ways and crossing at the correct location and bicycle riding will teach the basics of road safety.

Kindness & compassion

The best way to instill these attributes is to lead by example and if you want your kids to enjoy a smooth path through life, they should be kind and compassionate. Raising pets is a great way to nurture these qualities, whether goldfish, rabbits, dogs or cats and your child will develop a sense of responsibility for their pet. Spending time together when dining as a family is an important aspect of family living.

Money management

We all need to learn how to manage money and setting up a savings account for your child is a great way to start. Encourage them to save a portion of their pocket money and this will stand them in good stead when they have to manage their income. The last thing you want is for your child to get into debt at a later stage in life and by teaching money management at an early age, this can be avoided.

There are a lot of government resources about raising your kids, which we should all read and by teaching essential life skills, you are equipping your child for a happy and successful life.

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