Essential Tips to Keep Your Home Garage Clean


For many people, a garage is not just a place to keep a car, but it is often used to house scooters, bikes, bicycles, camping equipment, garden tools, carpentry tools, and many similar things. In larger households with animals, people also store pet supplies in the garage. For others, a home garage has become a hobby room or craft room. People have different rules about using their home garages to store belongings and how to utilize the space. No matter what, whatever you do with your garage, it needs to be tidy and clean. In this article, we are going to point out some of the most important tips to maintain your home garage to help keep it clean and organized.

Make Some New Rules

First, to get started, create make a proper plan. Observe your garage as it is now and picture in your mind how you want it to look. Beyond reorganizing, if you’re starting to run out of space in your garage, you may want to consider taking some things out of it. For example, you can move your bikes to an outdoor bicycle storage shed in your garden or on your patio. If you are planning to buy another vehicle, then you can read caravan reviews to check some inexpensive cars and make your rules considering future additions.

Clean it All Out

Whenever you are cleaning your garage, it’s works best to move all of your things out from the garage. This keeps you from having to move items repeatedly. And, it allows you to clean the floor and walls without tripping over tools and bicycles.

Basic Cleaning and Repairing

Once the garage is empty, cleaning is the order of the day. Thoroughly clean the garage. Start at the top with the ceiling, walls and then floor. Use a long handled duster or broom to brush away cobwebs. A shop vacuum or leaf blower can help, also. Dust accumulates on walls; therefore, they may need dusting, too. Sweep up all the debris on the floor. If your floor has oil spills on it, look for a cleaning solution specific for break up motor oil.

While doing so, if you see anything that needs repaired then this is the right time to do it. Whether it is masonry, carpentry, or any leakages, repair them right away. 

Add Proper Lights and Fresh Color

Most people place one or two lights in a garage and that’s not enough if you are storing multiple things here. Lights enter the garage from the rear or back doors and windows. That could be enough in a day but you need to add some extra lights to the areas that could be used for more accessibility in the future. Don’t postpone it because you don’t need it. This way you will also see dust in the future and it would encourage you to clean it.

If your garage needs new colors then this is the right time. The lightest possible color makes the garage appear larger and reflects the light in the garage particularly well. Having clean freshly painted walls is especially nice if you use your garage as extra space for exercise, craft projects or a man cave to watch your favorite sport teams play.

Sort All The Stuff 

Now that you have clean area, sort all the belongings you took from it. Separate by use: tools, garden tools, sports equipment, holiday decoration, etc.  As you’re sorting into groups, put anything broken into the trash bin. Additionally, sort out items you no longer need or want. You can decide weather to give it away or have a yard sale. Don’t feel guilty for getting rid of items you haven’t used in a year or longer. It’s very likely if you have used it in that long, you probably never will.

Create Different Zones

Big or small every garage works better when it’s organized into zones. Install hooks on the walls and build shelves to store items in each zone. Tools won’t fall over all the time and take up as much space when on the wall. Same goes for bicycles. Have an area for storing out of season decorations where you find items easily in labeled storage tubs.  If you want more space in your garage then you can sell an extra car at cash cars buyer simply and have enough space. Make room in your garage to really get the use out of having it. Then it will much easier to maintain it for many years of enjoyment as organized and tidy outdoor space.

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