Everything You Need to Know About Tempered Glass

Remember the time, when handling glass items was a grunt job. In fact, the areas with glass art pieces on display were a no-go. Thanks to the technology and relentless quest of man to improve and upgrade, dealing with glass products is not so difficult now.

Tempered glass has changed the dynamics of the glass industry. The delicacy of glass is replaced by the amazing strength of toughened glass. Tempered glass serves as a great alternative to glass. Be it your exquisite coffee tables or sturdy windows, tempered glass is everywhere around us.

There is a lot about tempered glass that is still in covers. We will discuss the ins and outs of tempered glass in this blog. Read through to find out more about the material of your glass tabletop and phone screens.

What is Tempered Glass?

Temper glass is basically a toughen glass, created by controlled thermal and chemical treatments to increase the strength. Heat processing makes the glass up to 4 times stronger than the ordinary annealed glass.

It is also referred to as safety glass as it is almost six times harder to break tempered glass. When broken, it shatters into small pieces without any sharp edges. It is heat and impact resistant hence finds its applications in many everyday things. It is employed in ovens, laptops, windows, shower enclosures, cars, and many other things due to its safety advantages.

Pros and Cons of Using Tempered Glass

We use tempered glass in our daily lives and yield its benefits on a day-to-day basis. However, like anything else, there are pros and some cons associated with tempered glass. In this section, we will shed light on some common advantages and disadvantages of using tempered glass.

Advantages of Using Tempered Glass

Despite many applications of tempered glass in everyday life, some people are still unsure of why it’s better than standard glass. Here are some benefits of tempered glass to support the notion that tempered glass is a better option.

Safe to Use

One of the most celebrated benefits of tempered glass is its safety value. It doesn’t break easily and in case of breakage, it shatters in small pieces without any sharp edges. Thus does not cause any injury or cuts.

Impact and Heat Resistant

Toughened glass is stronger and resistant to impact. It is created by processing thermally thus it can endure high temperatures. Due to these properties, tempered glass is preferably used in windows and showers.

Immune to Scratches

Tempered glass goes through extensive heat processing that makes it immune to damage or everyday wear and tear. That’s why tempered glass display units and surfaces stay clear and glossy for a longer period.


Toughened glass comes in a variety of designs and styles. You have plenty of options to choose from and adorn your homes or commercial spaces.

Disadvantages of Using Tempered Glass

Some common issues that come along with tempering are as follows.

No Alterations

Once tempered, the glass cannot be altered in any way. It must be cut to size or pressed to shape before the heat processing. Even polishing the edges or drilling holes on the glass is not possible once it is tempered. Any alteration in the tempered glass will eventually result in breakage.

Security Concerns

Tempered glass shatters completely on hard impact without leaving any sharp shards in the frame. That’s why using safety glass can rather become a bigger risk to security than standard breakable glass.

Tempered Glass Applications

Due to its safety benefits and strength, tempered glass is widely used in construction projects and home interiors. Some of the applications of toughened glass are mentioned below.

Commercial Buildings – Impact resistant and strong

The construction industry employs tempered glass in many projects. Tempered glass is installed to envelop commercial buildings. Tempered glass finds its application in places with hazards of hard impact like glass doors, partitions, office walls, decorative interior panels, windows, skylights, and elevators. It has the same posh feel and glossy finish as glass, hence it is widely used to enhance commercial spaces.

Widely Used Glass in Vehicles

Due to its thermal resistivity and strength, toughened glass is widely used in vehicles. Automobiles are prone to heating up as they are usually parked outdoors, tempered glass prevents the vehicles from overheating due to its heat resistance. It is also preferred to be used in automobiles as sharp shards of glass can cause more damage in case of an accident.

Safe Choose for Home Interiors

Tempered glass is extensively used in our homes. Our ovens, kitchen cabinets, glass tabletops, shower doors, shelves, glass furniture, everything has tempered glass in it.

Restaurants and Hotels – great for elegance and strength both

Due to its strength and elegance, tempered glass is the first pick of businessmen in their restaurants and hotels. It offers an upscale look and reduces any chance of glass-related accidents thus ensuring customers’ safety.

Tempered glass requirements range from simple kitchen cabinets to intricate restaurant furniture. It has several benefits and even more applications.

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