Explore The Types Of Hearing Amplifiers To Pick The Right One

How To Find The Best Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing aids and hearing amplifiers seem to be the same but actually, they are entirely different from each other. Many people are confused about their concept. Hearing aids are devices designed to improve a person’s hearing ability suffering from hearing loss by making sound audible to him. Modern digital hearing aids can significantly reduce noise and ensure the comfort of the user even in a noisy and crowded area. Where’s hearing amplifiers are products specially designed to improve the quality of sound for activities like bird watching, hunting, theater or to hear baby/kids in the other room. People without hearing problems use them to enhance environmental sounds. For best Hearing Amplifiers, Hearing Assist For You offers the best quality products with amplifiers to give crystal clear sound and a universal device that can easily fit into your left and right ear.

The hearing amplifiers are available in back the year (BET), In the Ear (ITE), and Receiver In Canal (RIC) models. Let us study the various types of hearing amplifiers and the major features they are provided with.

Types of Hearing Amplifiers

Bangalijian Hearing

It is a professional hearing device that is easy to use, durable, and fits comfortably on both ears. This model is designed with a rechargeable feature and a self-power off when fully charged for safe and efficient hearing. It has a digital tone quality to reduce noise and help the user with sound clarity. This amplifier is available in gift design with all accessories. Their exquisite packing can serve as a great gift for your family and friends. It is committed to its quality with 2 months return and 3 years warranty. It is also provided with slim sound tubes and ten ear domes, shockproof case, cleaning brush, a power adapter along with 1 USB cord, and lastly a booklet for users.

BTE-Air Conduction

It is a rechargeable hearing device for both ears registered by FDA. It has an easy and convenient magnet charging station. This device is upgraded with Directional Microphones, Sound Tubes, latest volume control, 4 channel digital Sound Processor, and volume adjustment knob which is designed for different environments. It is supported by 2 months money back policy and 1-year warranty.

Ibstone Vive20

This hearing amplifier is a BTE, rechargeable device with noise reduction capacity. It has a modern and excellent magnetic charging station that needs no extra batteries. For extra clear sound, it is featured with hearing programmes for different environments. It has rotated volume control for different levels of sounds. To provide the user with a full day comfort it comes in different sizes of 5 ear dooms. It is available in a beautiful gift packing with 100% refund and 1-year warranty, free accessories, and prompt customer service.

Neosonic MX

This rechargeable amplifier is designed for seniors and adults with a dual microphone digital noise reduction. This amplifier is FDA registered and the trustworthy device made for people with mild to moderate and severe hearing loss. It is guaranteed with ultimate customer service, 3 months money back and 1-year warranty. It is specially designed by doctors and audiologists and is better than Nano products.

Otofonix Encore

This amplifier offers ten levels of volume and four different sound programs that include normal, treble, noisy, and quiet. It is available in many tubes and doom sizes for a comfortable fit to your ear. This amplifier requires 312 batteries and is featured with a noise reduction capacity. A cleaning kit is provided with this digital amplifier. It is supported by good customer service. For various listening environments, setting, and volume options that allow maximum sound quality.

Bluetooth Hearing CS50

This wireless Bluetooth amplifier is connected to your iPhone or Android phone to provide customized amplification. These hands-free devices, connected to the Bluetooth allows you to direct phone calls, movies, music, and audiobooks to your amplifiers. It has three listening programs such as restaurant mode, baseline, and entertainment mode to offer best listening capacity to speech. This device can be used for a full-day because the charging lasts up to 5 hours.

You might also consider using wireless tv earphones for seniors to help sound quality while watching favorite television shows. They help the listener shut out ambient noises in the room that make it harder to hear the tv clearly.

BLJ Digital Hearing Amplifier

This device doesn’t have a behind the ear (BTE) option because it’s very tiny and is nearly invisible. The entire amplification is inside this powerful unit. It provides crystal clear sound because it is featured with 6 digital channels and a layered noise reduction amplifier. It has 3 programs and 8 volume levels with tiny wire to pull/remove it, when not needed. This amplifier is lightweight and comfortable with open doom design to just pop into your ear and enjoy clear sound. It is offered with a 3-month free return guarantee and 1-year warranty for a high gain proposition and no-risk purchase.


After learning about the different types of amplifiers you must be confused with the number of products but when it comes to personal hearing devices, as informed customers choose the best product that has maximum noise reduction, quality microphones, rechargeable batteries, wireless connectivity, variable programming. Choose a company that provides amplifiers with unique clear sound quality and packages to suit your needs and budget.

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